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Tuition and Costs


Tuition and Fees 2020-2021

The graduate school charges students per credit hour. We have three pricing structures:

On-campus degree applicable 500, 700 level $975 per credit hour
Off-campus degree applicable 600 level $875 per credit hour
Continuing education 800 level $350 per credit

Lewis & Clark is a private college. We do not have in-state or out-of-state tuition rates. Use the pdf below to see current average costs of tuition per program. (These are examples based on number of credits shown on program sequence sheet and do not reflect future tuition increases.)


2020-2021 Estimated Tuition Costs (PDF)

This list includes degree programs for Educational Leadership (EdD), Counseling Psychology, School Counseling, Student Affairs Administration, and Teacher Education - Preservice.

A complete list of tuition rates, fees, and the refund policy can be found by going to Student and Departmental Account Services.


Planning your Budget

In addition to tuition and fees, you should plan for additional costs such as living expenses, books, and transportation while attending graduate school. International students may also use these costs, in addition to tuition, to estimate the amount of financial support necessary to study at the graduate school.

Estimated additional costs for 2019-2020:       

Room and board (Rent, utilities, groceries) $1,750.00 per month
Transportation (car insurance, gas, maintenance) $500.00 per month
Personal discretionary spending $550.00 per month
Books and supplies $625.00 per semester
Health Insurance (not required for graduate students)* $1,729.50 per semester
Additional costs** $500 - $1,000







* Health insurance is optional. However, International students are required to show proof of insurance or enroll in the Lewis & Clark Health Insurance program.

**Students enrolled in K-12 education programs will incur additional costs such as background checks, required tests, license applications, job fair registration, EdTPA registration. Students enrolled in Counseling Psychology programs may also have additional costs for background checks and testing. Be sure to plan ahead so funds are available when they are needed!

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    Licensure Regulations

    All graduate school programs leading to licensure or certification meet the State of Oregon’s requirements for licensure and certification. Additional information, including guidance on obtaining licensure or certification outside of Oregon, is available on our Career & Licensing web page.

    Campus Safety

    The Clery Act requires colleges to disclose campus security policy and crime statistics. This information is maintained by Campus Safety.