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  • All graduate classes are being delivered online through the end of the semester. All administrative offices and student services are available as usual but also operating online. Learn more about the COVID-19 response.
  • Who is a Lewis & Clark Graduate Student?

    An agent of change, committed to serving others. Lewis & Clark offers programs for passionate educators and mental health professionals who want to engage communities and transform people’s lives. 

    A collaborator with outstanding faculty. Our faculty members, experts with deep ties to the field, are dedicated to supporting and encouraging you in your work. They are advocates for equity and access, committed scholars, and expert practitioners.

    A competitive job candidate. Graduates of Lewis & Clark enter the job market with extensive professional experience and rigorous curricular preparation.

    An engaged member of their community. Everything we do is rooted in communities and emphasizes the importance of equity and service to others. Through internships and practica, our students spend nearly 200,000 hours per year making a difference in local mental health agencies and schools.

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