Lewis & Clark Graduate School requires official copies of transcripts from all colleges where you received credit. This includes community college, study abroad programs, and/or professional development credit. This also includes credit earned from a college while in high school. (This does not include AP, IB or CLEP college equivalencies. Do not send high school transcripts.)

Failure to provide requested transcripts may result in your application not being considered for admission in a timely manner.

The requirement for all transcripts may not apply to applicants for the Educational Administration programs, Teacher Education Inservice programs, or certificate programs. Be sure to check your program’s application requirements.

Transcript information for applicants currently completing their degree.
Lewis & Clark requires that applicants hold a bachelor’s degree (and master’s degree if required) prior to starting their program. Applicants in the process of completing their degree should request their transcripts to meet program application deadlines. If admitted, a final degree posted transcript will be required. If it is discovered that the final educational history was incomplete, or upon final GPA and degree verification minimum admissions requirements have not been met, the offer of admissions may be rescinded. (See additional information in the Final Transcripts section of this page,)

Degrees must be earned at regionally accredited institution in the United States (the college or university must by regionally accredited at the time of enrollment and when the degree was conferred) or the foreign equivalent.

International Transcripts
Graduates of a non-U.S. university system are required to provide officially evaluated and translated copies of all their college transcripts. Official evaluations and translations are done by outside agencies. Information regarding three such agencies can be found by going to International Applicants.

What is an official transcript?
Official transcripts are sent directly from the college or university where the credit was earned and bears the college or university seal. The graduate school will accept official paper or digital copies of transcripts. (Digital copies are preferred.) Students may provide transcripts only if they are still in a sealed envelope issued by the originating college’s registrar’s office. If the envelope is open, the transcript is not considered official.

What is an unofficial transcript?
Official transcripts are not photocopies, a translation of a transcript, a transcript that comes in an unopened envelope, a transcripts marked “Issued to Student”, or web portal student records emailed by the student to the admissions office.

Submitting Transcripts
It is the responsibility of the applicant to request all transcripts required by Lewis & Clark. We will accept paper or e-transcripts ordered and sent directly from each post-secondary institution attended. The online application does not allow for you to upload a copy of your transcript. Transcripts uploaded by applicants will not be used. The colleges will send your transcripts directly to the graduate school. Be sure you give them the correct address or email address. This is important as we have three admissions offices at Lewis & Clark. All transcripts become the property of Lewis & Clark and will not be photocopied or returned to the applicant.

Transcripts can be requested prior to submitting an application and are held in the admissions office for two years. Transcripts are matched to applications after submission.

Final Transcripts - Information for students admitted while completing a degree

If admitted prior to completing a required degree, new students must provide an official transcript after graduation that includes final grades, degree earned, and graduation date. If you cannot provide this prior to the start of the program, you must contact your college’s Registrar’s office and request a confirmation letter regarding your pending graduation. 

Final Transcript Information and Due Dates

Send transcripts to:

Graduate Admissions Office
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling
615 S Palatine Hill Road MSC 87
Portland, OR 97219


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