Letters of Recommendation

Applicants to our programs are required to provide letters of recommendation. They can be from individuals who know you and are qualified to evaluate your academic competence, character and/or experience in professional or leadership roles, and potential for the profession. Professors, supervisors, and employers are often the best sources. References from a personal therapist, family members, or friends are not accepted.

Applicants who no longer have a relationship or contact with a previous professor, can provide a letters from supervisors, employers, or professional colleagues.

How to submit your letters

The online application includes the letter of recommendation process. You will be able to manage your letters of recommendation online.

You can begin your online application and submit the letter of recommendation section prior to completing the remainder of your online application. Submit the names and contact information for your letter writers. Once you submit that section of the application, your letter writers will receive an email directing them to the online letter of recommendation process. NOTE: This email may end up in your letter writers spam folder. The letters will come directly to the graduate admissions office.

The online application requires the use of the online letter of recommendation process. The two processes cannot be separated.

Copies of letters provided by the applicant will not be used.

Waiving your Right to Review

When requesting letters of recommendation, we ask whether or not you wish to waive your right to review this letter of recommendation. Applicants can answer “yes” or “no.” 

Yes: You waive your right and will not be able to view the letters of recommendation provided in support of your application. The letters do not become a part of your student record if you are admitted and enroll in the graduate school.

No: You do not waive your right. The letters do not become a part of your student record if you enroll.  Copies of the letters will be provided to you only if you are admitted and AFTER you enroll in the graduate school. You may email a request to the graduate admissions after your classes begin.

Letters of recommendation are property of the graduate school and do not become part of the student record. If you do not enroll, you do not have the right to review your letters.

Please note that your letter writers and program faculty can see whether or not you waived your right.

How many letters can I submit?

You should submit the number of letters required by your program. You are limited to requesting and submitting a total of four letters of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation FAQs