Student Stories

Lewis & Clark Graduate Students hail from a variety of backgrounds and personal experiences, but are united in their commitment to social justice and serving others. Meet some of our inspiring students below.

Rhianna Camacho

Secondary Science Education, MAT ’22

After spending time teaching and volunteering in outdoor education, Rhianna Camacho felt pulled to educate younger generations and to lead them through science in a way that made sense to them.

Katie Kehoe

Secondary Science Education, MAT ’22

With a background in outdoor and early childhood education, Katie Kehoe came to Lewis & Clark to transform secondary science education into a powerful tool for social change and student equity.

Briana “Noni” Villalobos

Student Affairs Administration, MA ’22

Briana “Noni” Villalobos discovered personal and professional transformation through the Student Affairs Administration program, solidifying their passion for student advising, and the integration of social justice.

Jennifer Anderson

Elementary Education, MAT ’23
Part-Time Cohort for District Employees

As a Chahta student and educator, Jennifer Anderson was inspired to earn her Elementary MAT and work towards inclusive and equitable education for indigenous populations.

Sally Castillo

Secondary Education, MAT ’22

Sally Castillo was inspired by her own educators to pursue a career in teaching, noting that L&C’s program puts working with all students, particularly BIPOC students, at the forefront.

Ngoc Khuu

Art Therapy ’22

Ngoc Khuu began her program to become a helping professional, but quickly learned the work ultimately begins in advocacy for the mental health field within communities where mental health care is often stigmatized.

Eztrella “Ez” Armijo

Art Therapy ’23

After 10 years working in IT in higher education, Eztrella Armijo chose to combine two of their academic interests, art and psychology, and return to school as an art therapy student.

Marjukka Barron

Art Therapy ’22

Marjukka Barron values the social justice lens that is front and center throughout the art therapy program.

Andrea Salyer

Student Affairs Administration ’22

Andrea Salyer joined the SAA program with 10 years of experience in higher education, choosing Lewis & Clark because it centers race and social justice in its curriculum.

Isaias Sanchez

Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy ’23

Isaias Sanchez wanted to conduct meaningful research as a graduate student. He found that opportunity with Professor Joslyn Armstrong, co-creating the workshop: Creating a Safe Space: Working with Latino & Black Men in Therapy.

Leonardo (Leo) Perez Lopez

MA Student Affairs Administration ’22

Leo Perez Lopez is driven to provide support to students seeking opportunities through higher education, just like educators have done for him thus far.

Madison Boyes

MEd Curriculum and Instruction with SPED and ESOL Endorsements ’22

Madi has found immense value in the small cohort size, the fact that each class incorporated elements of equity and social justice, and the strong, supportive relationship between faculty and students.

Christian Ortiz

MAT Secondary Teaching, Social Studies ’22

The Graduate School’s social justice lens and commitment to serving students, plus the unique opportunity to participate in a year-long practicum, made the secondary teaching program the perfect match for Christian’s aspirations.

Melissa Martinez

School Counseling, MEd ’22

Having witnessed oppressive educational systems firsthand, Melissa Martinez came to Lewis & Clark to help marginalized students harness the power of their own voice, and work towards eradicating systemic harm.

Jasmine Torres

Student Affairs Administration, MA ’23

After attending Lewis & Clark for her undergraduate education, Jasmine Torres returned to pursue a career in Student Affairs Administration, hoping to one day mentor students from underrepresented communities.

Lindsey Smith

Elementary Education, MAT ’22

Inspired initially by her desire to support young students in their academic journeys, Lindsey Smith found not only her passion for social change, but also a lifelong community of mentors and advisors at Lewis & Clark.

Jamison Jouno

School Psychology ’23

Jamison Jouno chose the graduate school for its social justice emphasis and culture of care, saying those two features solidified his decision to attend.

Savi Ryan

Secondary MAT ’22

Savi Ryan says their desire to be a secondary art teacher was influenced by their own high school art teacher. Now, they plan to do the same for their future students.

Hala Samaan

Art Therapy ’23

Hala Samaan chose to pursue art therapy at Lewis & Clark Lewis & Clark for three distinct reasons: its commitment to social justice and equity; the optional Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) track; and beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Jennifer Alvarez

School Counseling ’23

Jennifer Alvarez knows just how important representation is in learning environments and believes that her degree will allow her to address the need for more counselors of color within K–12.

Maya Bourgeois

School Counseling ’22

Maya Bourgeois is passionate about equity, inclusion, and community—values that she has found to be reciprocated in the graduate school’s school counseling program.

Arielle Hammond

Education in Leadership

Arielle Hammond is one of five recipients nationwide to receive the AASA Educational Administration Scholarship for aspiring superintendents.

Amanda Braswell

Secondary MAT ’18, Reading Intervention Endorsement ’21

Amanda Braswell receives genuine joy from working with students, celebrating their accomplishments, and designing lessons that build new skills as well as strengthen others that already exist.

Taehee Kim

Part-Time Elementary MAT ’23

Having worked with elementary children since she was in high school, Taehee Kim loves providing help and guidance for children to find their strengths, continue to strive to learn and grow, and to reach their potential. The part-time MAT program has made it possible for her to pursue her MAT.

Lucas English

Student Affairs Administration ’22

After struggling to find the support he needed as an undergraduate, Lucas is pursuing a degree in student affairs administration to become a leader who is focused on problem solving together with students, helping to set them up for development in ways that they might not yet be able to do alone.

Lauren Wilkin

MEd Curriculum and Instruction ’21

Lauren chose the Graduate School’s Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program for the small cohort model that she knew would enable her to make deep connections with other educators and her professors.