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  • <div> “The program was exactly what I was looking for…one of the best decisions of my life.” <em>—Wendy Hoffman, MA ’00</em></div>
  • <p> “Lewis & Clark’s mission of promoting social justice is something I am proud to represent.” <em>—Alphonso Nunez, MA ’19</em></p>
  • <p> “I wanted a program that could help me become an advocate for people of color in my community.” <em>—Bibbi Taylor, MA ’18</em></p>
  • <p> “L&C has both inspired me to be a better educator as well as turned me into a defacto recruiter for the school.”  <em>—Craig Watts ’03</em></p>
  • <p> “This has been a much deeper and richer experience compared to previous licensing programs.” <em>—Tonya Cairo, ProAL ’17</em></p>
  • <div> “Best educational experience of my life! You helped me make a dream and a passion a reality.” <em>—Ashlea Tenner, MA  ’16</em></div>
  • <div> “Lewis & Clark allowed me the opportunity to get research experience and receive clinical training.” <em>—Brian Bauer, MS ’16</em></div>
  • An education at the Graduate School empowers you to transform education, mental healthcare, and your community through equitable and socially just practices.

  • <a href="/live/news/36408-alum-receives-ospas-hr-2017-leadership-award"> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59534_green-square-garden.jpg)"> <h6>Alum receives OSPA’s HR 2017 Leadership Award</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59536_purple-square-people.jpg)"> <h6>Watch online: Dr. DiAngelo on White Fragility at commencement 2017</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59537_orange-square-map.jpg)"> <h6>Vicky Allen, MEd ’73, publishes unique approach to learning English</h6> </div> </a>
  • We’re Glad You Want to Apply

    The first step toward becoming a graduate student is submitting your application. Find out what you need to do to apply.

    Plan A Visit

    Our award-winning campus is just minutes from downtown Portland, one of America’s most beautiful and livable places. It’s also home to an engaged community of educators and mental health practitioners. See for yourself: Attend an information session for your program, see when we’ll be in your area, or schedule a time to visit on your own.


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