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Paying for Graduate School at Lewis & Clark

A Lewis & Clark education is an investment in your future. While the primary responsibility for paying for your education rests with you, we are committed to working together to develop financial options and payment strategies that will make a graduate degree from Lewis & Clark affordable.

Funding Your Graduate Studies

In order to determine eligibility for need-based aid, you must fill out the FAFSA on the U.S. Department of Education website. After the Financial Aid Office has prepared your financial aid award, it will be released to you through WebAdvisor. You will then need to review the Financial Aid Guide and follow the outlined steps to request your student loans.

Lewis & Clark Federal School Code: 003197

Complete the FAFSA

Important Financial Aid Dates

Date Task
10/1/24  FAFSA Opens
2/15/25 Priority FAFSA Filing Deadline
2/15/25 Priority filing deadline for Teaching, School Counseling, and Leadership Studies department scholarships
3/1/25  Priority filing deadline for Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology department scholarships
Betsie smiling at the camera near a large window. She is wearing a blue shirt and a black cardigan.

My scholarship award was imperative in me being able to attend Lewis & Clark. It allowed me to not worry about a large tuition bill and know that my master’s program would be financially manageable to me.

Betsie Droukas
Part-Time MAT Elementary Cohort for School Employees
More about Betsie
Julian smiling at the camera wearing black Mickey Mouse ears.

The financial aid provided by the institution alleviated the burden of tuition costs. It not only made Lewis & Clark an accessible option for me, but also demonstrated the institution’s commitment to supporting students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Julian Saenz
Master of Education in School Counseling
More about Julian

Review Our Full List of Scholarships

Lewis & Clark Graduate School offers both need-based and program-specific merit scholarships, which do not need to be repaid when you graduate.

Scholarships and Grants

Apply for Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistant (GA) positions provide students in the Higher Education Student Affairs Program the opportunity to focus on their coursework while gaining practical experience in the field of student affairs. These students work with Lewis & Clark’s undergraduate college offices for approximately 10-20 hours per week for an hourly wage and/or housing.

Graduate Assistantships

  • 194 

    For the 2024-25 academic year, 194 graduate students received scholarships to offset the cost of tuition.

  • $1,451,510 

    Thanks to generous donors and two grants from the Oregon Health Authority, the graduate school was able to award a transformative total of $1,451,510 in scholarships in fall 2024.

  • $500–$23,000 

    Graduate students received between $500–$23,000 in scholarship funding for the 2024-2025 academic year. For some recipients, their award covered the cost of this year’s tuition in full.

Affording Your Future

At Lewis & Clark Graduate School, you will build relationships with professors and peers in your cohort, gain practical experience through internships and practicums in Portland, and learn how to incorporate equity into your future profession. You’ll graduate as an agent of change, ready to transform lives, sustain communities, and create a more just society.

Tuition and Costs Loan Forgiveness Program Sample Financial Aid Awards

Questions? Contact Us!

Graduate Admissions Team

Rebecca Sexton-Lee

Rebecca Sexton-Lee

Director of Graduate Admissions
Diana Carillo

Diana Carrillo

Graduate Admissions Ambassador: School Psychology and Student Affairs Programs
Alex Brennan-Arnopol

Alex Brennan-Arnopol

Graduate Admissions Counselor
Terra Clarke

Terra Clark

Graduate Admissions Ambassador: School Counseling, Elementary and Secondary MAT Programs
Samantha Cikara

Samantha Cikara

Graduate Admissions Administrative Assistant
Angie Hamilton

Angie Hamilton

Graduate Admissions Ambassador: Mental Health Counseling, Family Therapy, and Art Therapy Programs