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About the Graduate School

The graduate school’s dedicated faculty and mission-driven programs prepare students for careers that can transform lives, sustain communities, and help lead to a more just society. Collectively we are agents of change, committed to serving others.

Focused on Social Justice

The Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling offers graduate degree, licensure, certificate, and additional endorsement programs for prospective and for practicing teachers, Pre-K-12 education leaders, school counselors, school psychologists, student affairs professionals in higher education, addiction counselors, licensed professional counselors, marriage, couple, and family therapists, and art therapists. Our students are diverse in age, culture, income, sexual orientation/gender identity, prior experience, and educational background. To meet our students’ needs, classes are offered days, evenings, and weekends and are located on campus, off campus, and at work sites.

Committed to Serving Students

The graduate school is committed to serving every student by providing a learning environment built around the values and practices associated with critical thinking, individual growth, and social justice. Our programs combine rigorous academic work with challenging field-based experiences; students spend nearly 200,000 hours working in schools and mental health agencies each year, beginning in their first semester of study. The curriculum reflects the theories, techniques, research, modes of application, and contemporary reform movements within each professional field. Our graduates are change agents who transform society through education and counseling. 

Academic Leadership

Scott Fletcher

Dean and Professor

Janet Bixby

Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Cort M. Dorn-Medeiros

Associate Professor, Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology Department Chair

Mollie Galloway

Associate Professor; Department of Teaching, School Counseling, and Leadership Studies Chair