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About Graduate School at Lewis & Clark

A Graduate School Dedicated to Social Justice

At Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, our mission-driven programs are grounded in social justice, access, and equity. Guided by world-class faculty and leading practitioners, students become agents of change who are ready to transform lives, sustain communities, and create a more just society.

The Graduate School is home to two academic departments and offers degree programs, licensure, endorsements, and certificates in the fields of education and counseling. Continuing education opportunities are available through our Center for Community Engagement.

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Academic Excellence

Distinctive Education

Lewis & Clark’s programs are respected nationwide for their quality and academic rigor. Our academic experience prepares students to be leaders of equitable practices in their chosen fields of education and counseling.

Supportive Community

Vibrant, Close-knit Community

Our community is made up of advocates, educators, and innovators. Our tight-knit cohort model means you will build relationships with your peers and help each other develop over time in a small class setting.

Skilled Grads

Job Placement

Lewis & Clark graduate students transform lives in our communities, classrooms, and beyond. Our school’s reputation for producing exceptional teachers, educational leaders, and mental health professionals means that our graduates are highly sought after. In fact, the majority of our students receive a job offer just before or shortly after completing their program.

Be an Agent of Change

An education at Lewis & Clark Graduate School is built upon critical thinking, individual growth, and social justice. Our students find true meaning and impact in their work, whether it is in the classroom, clinic, community, or beyond.
Academic Programs Faculty

A Better World Begins Here

The Graduate School’s dedicated faculty and mission-driven programs prepare students for careers that can transform lives, sustain communities, and help lead to a more just society. Collectively we are agents of change, committed to serving others.
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Graduate School Academic Leadership

Janet Bixby

Janet Bixby

Associate Dean and Associate Professor
Cort Dorn-Medeiros

Cort M. Dorn-Medeiros

Associate Professor, Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology Department Chair
Mollie Galloway

Mollie Galloway

Associate Professor; Department of Teaching, School Counseling, and Leadership Studies Chair

Explore Portland

Lewis & Clark is located in the lush hills of South Portland, the city’s “sixth quadrant.” Our beautiful, historic campus is just six miles from downtown Portland, Oregon, with easy access to the city’s cultural offerings, great food, and abundant nature. Our students spend nearly 200,000 hours working in Portland-area schools and mental health agencies each year, beginning the first semester of study.

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