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Ngoc Khuu is a first-generation graduate degree student in Art Therapy. In 2018, Ngoc received a Bachelor of Art in Art with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Houston Main Campus. Before coming to Lewis & Clark, she resided in Houston, Texas, where she volunteered and taught Vietnamese youth in her community for over eight years.

Ngoc continues to grow her experience working with a range of adolescence and young adults in Portland. She volunteers as a mentor and teacher within the Vietnamese youth group in Beaverton every Sunday. Her work outside of volunteering leads her to become a SUN program assistance and activity director within the Gresham’s education system. Her work has a focus on supporting students and families who have been historically underserved.

In her graduate studies at Lewis & Clark, Ngoc has been able to intern at Serendipity Center for at-risk students. In a ‘new’ online education system, Ngoc strives to bring the best out of art group learning to the students and staff. Here she centers her work around student-based learning with staff guidance.

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