Faculty Permissions

The Faculty Permissions Tab in Self Service allows you to waive prerequisites for an individual student for a specific course section, or to provide Instructor Consent and/or override restrictions for an individual student for a specific course section.


Requisites are courses that must be taken prior to registering for a given course, or concurrently with the course.

You have the ability to override a required prerequisite, or to override a course that must be taken previously or concurrently. Using this option waives ALL prerequisites for the course – you can’t choose just one.

You do not have the ability to waive courses that are always required to be taken concurrently (such as a required concurrent lab course).

Instructions - with screenshots



Instructor consent is required for some courses - such as practicum or internship courses. Using this will allow a student to self-register in a course, or a specific section. 

Instructions - with screenshots


In the event that you need to override both prerequisites and restrictions/consent, you will need to complete both processes for a given student.