Review and Development

1. Review

See more on Faculty Development below.

For all reviews, the Dean’s Office will send out a notice with deadlines. Each spring, the Associate Dean sends individual faculty scheduled for major review in the coming academic year a letter outlining the process for their respective review. You can download a calendar showing the timeline for all types of review below:

Faculty Review Review Calendar [PDF]

View the full text of the review, promotion, and tenure process in the Faculty Handbook.

Annual Reviews

An annual review is conducted in the spring of each year for all faculty. The annual review provides the faculty member and the institution an ongoing assessment of the faculty member’s performance and an opportunity for setting goals and establishing a work plan for the year ahead. Annual reviews include faculty members’ own assessment of their performance. They are considered part of the preparation for major reviews and are included in a candidate’s files prepared for these reviews.

Faculty Annual Self-Evaluation [PDF]

Reviews for Tenure-Track Assistant Professors

Pre-tenure developmental reviews typically occur during the third year of service for tenure-rack associate professors and are designed to assist faculty members by providing both an evaluation of work already completed and suggesting areas that need further development. It is also intended to provide tenure-track faculty members with an assessment of their progress toward tenure.

Faculty members hired in a tenure-track position will normally be reviewed for promotion to associate professor with tenure during the sixth year of service. Eligibility for tenure review may be negotiated in the letter of appointment.

Reviews for Tenured Associate Professors

Tenures associate professors typically have their first post-tenure review in the third year after tenure is granted. The purpose of the first post-tenure review for associate professors is to provide feedback on the faculty member’s professional growth and contribution to the mission of the Graduate School since being awarded tenure, and to provide feedback on progress toward promotion of full professor.

Subsequent post-tenure reviews typically occur every third year after tenure is granted.

Faculty members shall normally be eligible for review for promotion to professor after six years at the associate professor rank. The promotion review serves to evaluate the faculty member’s performance for the purpose of promotion to the rank of professor in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and professional and institutional service.

Post-Tenure Review

Post-tenure reviews for professors are scheduled to occur every six years after the rank of professor is achieved.

Faculty with Term Review

There are two types of review for Faculty With Term: annual review and three-year comprehensive review (for positions that could be renewed for an additional period of time). The annual review is conducted each spring in conjunction with the annual reviews of the entire faculty. The three-year review includes a self-evaluation and chair evaluation.

2. Development

Tenure-track junior faculty receive annual mentoring through the Promotion and Tenure Committee to discuss faculty expectations and the Graduate School, and undergo a developmental review in their third year (see above). 

3. Sabbatical Leave

View the full text of the sabbatical leave process in the Faculty Handbook.