Major Modifications

Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) defines “major modifications” as:

OAR 584-400-0080 Unit or Program Modifications

(1) Modifications: The Commission must approve modifications to an approved unit or state recognized licensure, endorsement or specialization program. All modifications must comply with Chapter 584, Division 400, 410 and 420 and applicable Oregon statutory provisions.

(2) Major modifications: A major modification is a change that substantively alters the program or Unit as currently recognized or approved by the Commission.

(3) To request approval of a major modification to the program or Unit, EPPs must complete the program major modification process, as provided in the Program Review and Standards Handbook.

…(5) Major modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • (a) Substantive changes to the Unit, including:
    • (A) The core mission and goals;
    • (B) The legal status, form of control, or ownership;
    • (C) The administration, if the change is a result of the Unit head’s termination by the institution;
    • (D) Offerings of academic programs for credit through contractual relationships with external organizations; and
    • (E) Structure or content that results in the EPP no longer meeting Oregon statutes or administrative rules.
  • (b) Substantive changes to Programs, including:

NOTE: Single-subjects endorsements are defined in 584-400-0020, Definitions.

NOTE: An elimination of a program is not considered a major modification; instead it is subject to the provisions of 584-400-0090, Elimination of Programs.

Please contact Sharon Chinn at with questions regarding major modifications.