Adjunct Information

Welcome to the Graduate School of Education and Counseling. Please read this page carefully. If you have any questions, please contact your program office.

Adjunct Faculty Checklist [PDF]
Adjunct Faculty FAQ

Adjunct Contract Information

Your contract will be issued from the Graduate Dean’s Office prior to the beginning of the semester. Please review your contract carefully. If you find errors or have questions regarding the adjunct contract, contact:

Robert Jackson, Business Systems and Operations Specialist
202 Rogers Hall

Your contract will indicate the amount you are to be paid for your teaching assignment. Deductions from the salary will consist of the regular legally authorized amounts for federal and state taxes, FICA, workers’ compensation and any other deductions specifically authorized by you in writing.

Payment will be issued to you in installments on the last day of each month that you are teaching. If you wish to take advantage of direct deposit, requests must be submitted to Payroll by the 8th of the month. A request form can be found on the HR website at Courses with fewer than six students will be cancelled or paid at a reduced rate at the discretion of the department. See the Salary Table on the following page for more information about salary rates. 

In order to issue a paycheck, the following forms must be on file with the Human Resources department:

  • I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification Form). The Federal Government requires us to complete this form within three days of your first class. This form must be filled out if this is your first teaching assignment with the graduate school or if there has been a lapse in service of three years or more. You will need to bring identification in order to complete the form. Possible options include:
    • a passport OR
    • a driver’s license AND a social security card OR
    • a driver’s license AND a birth certificate
    • If the above combinations of identification are unavailable to you, HR can provide you with information about other acceptable identification.
  • W-4 form (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate). All new adjuncts must complete this form. Continuing adjuncts only need to complete this form to make changes to tax withholding information or if their last assignment with the graduate school was more than a year ago.  (The W-4 form is available on the HR website at: