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Student Assessment and Samples of Student Work

For purposes of accreditation and program improvement, student level assessment data and samples of student work will be collected. Your program director can review with you the current assessments and rubrics that need to be collected. Please make it a priority to consult with your program director about the preferred format of data and samples as required by the accrediting bodies.

Course Evaluations

All students are asked to complete graduate school course evaluations during the last class meeting of the term for every course. Blank course evaluation forms will be mailed to you or placed in your mailbox approximately two weeks prior to your final class meeting. The directions are found on the outside of the envelope containing the evaluations. Faculty members must leave the room while students are completing the forms and one student needs to be selected to deliver the completed forms to the Graduate Registrar’s office. (Note: There is an after-hours drop box for the Registrar’s Office located in the 3nd floor hallway of Rogers Hall, next to room 303.) The data from the evaluations is compiled and a copy of the summary will be returned to you and the chair of your department approximately one month after the graduate school receives the evaluations. However, only after all student grades are submitted will the evaluations results be released to you.

Assessment of Student Learning

The Graduate School of Education and Counseling is committed to providing quality education and to assuring students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in their professions after they graduate. Assessments of student learning provide the information we need to make improvements in program structure, course content, and pedagogy. The assessment process requires the on-going collection of information from students at the classroom, department, and institution levels. For example, students may be asked to submit examples of their course work, participate in focus groups, and complete questionnaires assessing the quality of academic services. In addition, graduates may also be asked to participate in focus groups and/or complete surveys assessing the quality of academic services/program satisfaction while enrolled. These activities, and the information they provide, help us determine the extent to which students and graduates demonstrate competency in their professional fields.

The assessment process for all programs contains the following common elements:

  1. Student learning outcomes for graduate programs are clearly communicated and assessed using fair and unbiased instruments.
  2. Faculty and others use assessment information for the purpose of program improvement.
  3. Information about assessment systems and student learning outcomes are reported to designated stakeholders, including the Lewis & Clark College Board of Trustees, the Oregon Teachers and Standards Practice Commission, the Lewis & Clark consortium, and appropriate national accreditation organizations.
  4. Aggregate performance data will not include personally identifying information and student names will be removed from all individual samples of student work.

In recognition of the evolutionary nature of accountability and assessment processes, the Graduate School of Education and Counseling acknowledges that changes in the assessment system will occur over time. The Graduate School of Education and Counseling will make reasonable efforts to inform students and other stakeholders of these modifications.  In no case will changes in the assessment system alter the institutions commitment to preserving the confidentiality of individual student performance data. The Graduate School of Education and Counseling and its departments conduct satisfaction and other types of surveys before and after students graduate. Students and alumni are strongly encouraged to respond to these surveys so that the information may be used to improve our programs and the education of our future students.

Annual Program Reports

Please use the forms below to produce your Annual Program Report.  Material used in the preparation of this report may be taken from (or used in) accreditation reports and revisions of the GSEC Strategic Plan. Submit your Annual Program Report to the Dean’s Office by email attachment (preferably as a Word document to facilitate compilation of GSEC data).

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