Teaching and Scholarship

Teaching Support

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology group works with faculty, staff and students to show them how technology can be applied to their current activities so that they are better able to perform their job duties and/or pursue their academic and research activities. A major goal of this group is to help our faculty and students become self-sufficient with the technology that they need to use. Further, the Educational Technology team works closely with faculty to help them utilize instructional technology in ways that can augment traditional teaching methods.

Patricia Palczewska, Educational Technologist, is the point of contact for the graduate school. Patti can be reached at palczewskap@lclark.edu or 530-768-6195.

Student Support Services (SSS)

The office of Student Support Services provides a wide range of services, support and advocacy for students with a variety of disabilities and learning differences. Students should schedule a consultation with the office if they are interested in arranging special accommodations. They will be required to submit documentation and paperwork requesting accommodations.

Visit the SSS webpage

Scholarship Support

2020-21: Faculty Conference Travel and Current-Year Research Fund 

Based on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on in-person attendance at academic conferences
(and college policy restricting such travel), the funds that the Graduate School customarily provides for
travel will also be made available for current-year research projects in 2020-21. Faculty seeking
funding for research projects in 2021-22 should apply to the regular Faculty Research Fund; the
current policy is intended as a one-time response to current conditions.

  • Guidelines:
    • Funding available is the same as current policy regarding faculty travel (per 1.0 FTE)
      • Pre-tenure faculty: $2,000
      • Tenured faculty: $1,750
      • Term faculty: $1,500
      • Faculty may apply for and be awarded funds in both categories, up to the total available. Please submit individual applications for each fund.
      • All awards in both categories must be expended by May 31, 2021.
      • The availability of funding could change based on evolving budget conditions.
      • Faculty should submit proposals as early as possible, for planning purposes.

Download the application details(PDF)

2021-22: Graduate School Faculty Research Fund

Application information: 2020-21 applications for 2021-22 research projects

The Graduate School invites proposals to conduct research or engage in scholarly activity from
all faculty currently in a term or a tenure-track position with a .5 FTE appointment or greater.
Support for these proposals will be awarded from a fund provided by the Dean’s Office, based
on a review and recommendation by the Personnel Committee. The total value of the fund this
year is $10,000; individual awards generally fall in the $500-$1,500 range, with a maximum of
$2,000. Funds will be made available beginning 6/1/21 and must be expended by 5/31/22.
The final amount of each award will be determined in the review process. Faculty should submit
no more than one proposal.

Download the application details (PDF)

2020-21: GSEC Instructional Innovation Fund 

The purpose of the Instructional Innovation Fund is to support faculty efforts, individually and collectively, to experiment with new teaching approaches, grow as instructors, and improve learning outcomes for students. The fund is open to all tenure-track and term appointed faculty.

Download application details (PDF)

2020-21: Graduate Student/Faculty Research Fund Application

This fund is designed to support the participation of graduate students in faculty research
projects. Current graduate students may receive up to $1,000 to perform research-related duties
under the supervision of a Graduate School faculty member.

Download application details (PDF)

Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance Office (SPARC)

SPARC supports faculty and staff in the preparation of proposals and grant applications— whether the award will be made to an individual (such as a fellowship) or to the institution. SPARC provides technical assistance with the following:

  • Research and scholarship consultations
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Proposal planning and development
  • Budget development
  • Application review and editing
  • Internal review process
  • Ensuring the submission of compliant proposals

Please contact SPARC in the beginning stages of planning. The earlier you involve us, the more services and assistance we will be able to provide.

Visit the SPARC webpage

Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) manages Lewis & Clark’s relationships with corporate and foundation donors, ensures proper and strategic submission of grant proposals in accordance with institutional priorities, and stewards grants and gifts.

With our partners at CAS’ Sponsored Research and the Law School’s External Relations, we work with the faculty, staff and students of all three schools at Lewis & Clark to develop, submit and manage grant proposals and funding. CFR primarily focuses on general projects for CAS, as well as all grant opportunities for GSEC. CAS faculty looking for research funding, especially federal opportunities including NIH and NSF, can work with our colleagues at the Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance Office.

Visit the CFR webpage