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Posting Vacancies

Certificated Positions in School Districts, ESDs, and Private Schools

To share a certificated vacancy in a hard-to-fill area or time-sensitive certificated vacancies, e-mail a .pdf of the posting to

Job postings will be shared with student teachers, school counseling and school psychology interns, administrator candidates, and graduates, as appropriate.

Part-time Positions in Education

While Lewis & Clark does not maintain an in-house listing of part-time positions, the college’s Student Employment website does offer a resource page of potential part-time job listing sites.

In-Home Tutoring Opportunities (2021-’22)

If you are interested in hiring an alumni of our MAT program to facilitate in-home learning during the 2021-’22 academic year, please fill out the linked form. Alumni will be able to review the available positions and reach out to families with whom they feel they are well matched. Please note that we do not recommend current MAT students for these positions due to their full time class and student teaching requirements.

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