Out-of-State Licensing and Certification

Educator Licensure and Certification Offices

Out-of-State Licensure Institutional Verification Forms

To request that an out-of-state institutional verification form for certification be completed, please:

  1. Complete the applicant section of the form.
  2. E-mail/FAX/mail the out-of-state institutional verification form to Sharon Chinn (contact information in the gray bar to the right).
  3. Upon receipt, Sharon Chinn will review your program file, complete the form, and then return the completed form either to you or to the state’s certification office (depending on the state requirements). NB: An original ink signature is typically required; therefore, the completed form must be returned to you by mail (or held for pick-up).

Reminder: You must successfully complete all Oregon license or endorsement requirements, including admission, course work, performance assessments, and tests, in order to be recommended for an out-of-state license