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K-12 Career and Licensing Services

K-12 Career and Licensing Services (ECLS) offers job search and license advising to teacher education, school counseling, school psychology, and educational administration students and alumni.

Special Events and Announcements

  • Recruiting events for positions starting in Fall 2018
  • Student Teachers, Final-Year School Counseling and School Psychology Interns, and Graduates
    Portland Public Schools (PPS) will be attending the Oregon Professional Educator Fair (OPEF) on April 3rd. If you will be license-eligible for positions starting in Fall 2018, PPS HR asks you to complete their PPS OPEF Interest Form prior to the fair in order to be considered for a candidate screening at the event.

    Completing the PPS OPEF Interest Form will allow PPS an opportunity to review your experience and resume. The HR department will contact you prior to the OPEF if you have been selected for a candidate screening. The candidate screening is a scheduled 20-minute meeting with a district administrator to learn more about the candidate at the OPEF.

2017 Oregon Educator Equity Report

Finding a Job

  • Individual and group advising on searching for jobs in education
  • Class time focusing on supporting you as you move into your career
  • On-campus networking events with school districts

Applying for a License or Endorsement

  • Support for and advising on Oregon (TSPC) and out-of-state licensing 
  • Individualized instructions for applying to the Oregon TSPC for licenses
  • Class time focusing on the licensing process

Testing Requirements and Supports

  • Detailed information on required tests
  • Class time detailing test requirements
  • Links to on- and off-campus supports

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