Clinical Practice Registration

TSPC Clinical Practice Registration, SB 155, and Knowledge of U.S. and Oregon Civil Rights Laws and Professional Ethics

Requirements for All Education Program Candidates

Updated 06/2024

Below, you will find the clinical practice registration requirements to be completed prior to your first contact with PK-12 students. You must hold either current passing background clearance or a current Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC)-issued license throughout the duration of your field experience(s).

Candidates who have completed out-of-state or Oregon Department of Education (ODE) fingerprints and background checks are still required by Oregon law to complete Oregon TSPC-specific clearance.

TSPC provides a number of scholarship and reimbursement programs (including for fingerprinting fees) for diverse educators, linked here.

How long are my fingerprints valid? (From TSPC’s Fingerprinting website)

  • Applicants without a valid license: Fingerprints are valid for three years from the fingerprint clearance date.
  • Individuals with a valid Oregon license: Fingerprints are valid from the fingerprint clearance date onward as long as a valid license is maintained. If the licensee allows the license to lapse, the fingerprints remain valid for three years from the date the license expired.