Graduation Application and Diplomas

Degree/Certificate Application Deadlines

In order to be awarded a degree/certificate, students must apply for graduation. The application must be submitted by the applicable deadline:

  • December degree/certificate: application deadline September 20
  • May degree/certificate: application deadline November 20
  • July or August degree/certificate:application deadline March 8

Commencement Ceremony

Degree candidates who applied for graduation by the appropriate deadline are eligible to participate in commencement. Students who have completed all of their degree requirements, or will complete all requirements by the end of the summer semester, are eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony. The graduate school’s annual commencement ceremony is held on the first Sunday in June.

Degree/Certificate Application Process

Step 1
  1. Log into WebAdvisor.
  2. Select Program Evaluation.
  3. Select the degree/certificate program that you are completing (do not select a license or endorsement program).
  4. Review program evaluation to confirm that all requirements have been met and that you are registered in your final classes. 
Step 2
  1. Log into WebAdvisor
  2. Select Apply for Graduation
  3. Identify the degree/certificate program that you are completing (do not select a license or endorsement program) and select Apply
  4. Follow prompts and indicate if you plan on attending commencement.

Once approved, you will be sent a Graduation Application Evaluation email. Degree candidates will receive additional details regarding participating in the June commencement ceremony. (Commencement ceremony participation is limited to degree candidates.)


Due to social distancing guidelines and limited office hours, diplomas will not be available for pick up. All diplomas will be mailed to candidates who have no academic or financial holds, unless other arrangements are made.

DIPLOMA COVER NOTE:   If you did not receive a diploma cover due to having a December posting date, please contact the Graduate Registrar’s office at to request to have one sent to you.