Convocation: A call to assemble, to reflect on the ways our core values—creativity, compassion, commitment—impact and sustain our professional lives. An opportunity for students and faculty to connect across programs and to reflect on the shared values of each of our disciplines.

Convocation 2022

Wednesday August 31, 2022
4:00 to 6:00 pm
South Chapel, Lewis and Clark Grad Campus

Note that students must register in CORE 500-01 in WebAdvisor to attend convocation. There is no tuition cost to attend.

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Connecting our mission and core values to practice across professions

The Convocation is an opportunity for GSEC students and faculty to connect across programs and to reflect on the shared values of each of our disciplines. Our goals for the Convocation are as follows:

1) To foster cross-program dialogue and understanding of the strengths and challenges of various professions
2) To engage students from all programs to explore relevant topics related to social justice
3) To develop a sense of belonging to and understanding of the broader GSEC community

Who is required to attend Convocation?

Convocation (CORE 500-01) is a program requirement for all students enrolled in the following programs:

  • MAT Secondary
  • MAT Elementary
  • MEd in Educational Studies
  • MEd in School Counseling
  • EdS in School Psychology
  • MA in Art Therapy
  • MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling
  • MA in Professional Mental Health Counseling—Specialization in Addictions
  • MA in Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
  • MA in Student Affairs Administration

Convocation is not required for students in the following programs, but may be taken optionally:

  • MEd in Curriculum and Instruction
  • MEd in Special Education
  • MEd with Preliminary Administrator License

If you have any questions regarding your Convocation requirement, please contact your advisor.  

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Opening Speakers

  • Mercedes Muñoz, Oregon Teacher of the Year - Opening Poem
  • President Wim Wiewel & Dean Scott Fletcher - Welcoming remarks
  • Associate Dean Bixby - Introduction of GSEC Programs and Student Groups


Convocation Graduate Student Panel

Three students from different programs in the GSEC will each to address the following questions:

1) What brought you here to LC and into this particular profession?

2) What is a story from your professional practice that reflects some aspect of social justice advocacy?

3) What helps keep you resilient and and your practice sustainable as you move forward?


Cross-Program Discussion Groups

Students, faculty and staff will be assigned randomly to 3 different breakout groups for 15 minutes each to meet individuals outside their own program and discuss various prompts. Proceeding in alphabetical order of first names, participants are recommended to proceed through the 3, 15 minute rounds addressing the following prompts:


Breakout Group #1- Introductions

Where are you from? What brought you to LC? What is one thing you like to do on the weekends? What are pets or places that you may love? What is at least one quirky fact about you?


Breakout Group #2 - Reflections

What stood out to you from what the student speakers shared? What will you take away from listening to the panelists? What was surprising to learn? What excites and/or worries you about the coming year?


Breakout Group #3 - Discussion

Ask at least one question of those in each of the other professions in your breakout group. Discuss how you see your work similar, but different. Brainstorm ways you can connect with others in your group after Convocation ends.