September 17, 2020

TransActive Update: Serving the Community in Challenging Times

In the midst of COVID-19, TransActive has continued to offer professional development and Youth & Family Support Groups through virtual conversations and online activities.

We believe in times of profound challenge there exists abundant opportunity for positive change that will impact the lives of those experiencing systemic injustice and inequality. The TransActive team visualizes a not-so-distant future in which every child, youth, adult and their family can thrive and reach their full potential no matter their gender, sexual orientation, skin color, country of birth or ethnicity.

As TransActive Gender Project continues to develop and deliver gender diversity focused services to children, youth, families, businesses and communities in 2020, here is what we have been doing to help facilitate that vision.

Youth & Family Support Groups

In the midst of COVID-19, TransActive has continued to offer our Child, Youth & Family Support Groups through Zoom virtual conversations and online activities, helping families and youth maintain the strong sense of community and connection developed in our in-person groups. We have served more than 100 families since the beginning of 2020, and remain committed to delivering and expanding the scope of our gender diversity education and advocacy services during this period of social isolation. Learn more about our support groups

Call for Virtual Volunteers

TransActive Gender Project is looking for new facilitators and guest speakers/activity leaders for our virtual Youth & Family Support Groups. We welcome prospective facilitators who have lived experience as a gender diverse/expansive individual and/or are informed allies, and who have experience in group facilitation, teaching and education, coaching, childhood development, youth groups, social work, counseling, arts, or other relevant areas. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and submit an application

Transgender in America: Looking Back and Moving Forward

Executive Director Jenn Burleton will be offering a two-part online workshop Transgender in America on Friday & Saturday, November 20 & 21, offering 6 CEUs or PDUs. Relevant to all ages and professional levels, this training will arm participants with a better understanding of the complex personal, social, political and medical challenges that affect the lives of transgender people. Learn more and register online

Online Professional Development Training

TransActive Gender Project now offers a robust array of affordable Zoom-based professional development training and consultation services. If you or your organization could benefit from a greater understanding of the challenges that affect the lives of transgender and gender diverse populations, or are looking for ways to establish more safe, supportive and inclusive environments—please get in touch! View our professional development page

A Little Help from Our Friends

Thank you to all the donors who have supported us with gifts in these challenging times. All donations are used to support the work we do on behalf of trans children, youth, their families and the communities in which they live.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have received individual gifts ranging from $20 to more than $18,000. We gratefully acknowledge our friends at for their annual Duckstream event, and thank the Oregon Community Foundation for their continued support of our work through management of generous directed donor gifts. Donate to TransActive Gender Project


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