Professional Development

TransActive professional development training assists those in education, healthcare, social services and other disciplines in their goal of establishing safe, supportive and empowering environments in which gender expansive children, youth and their peers can thrive.

We deliver solution-centered, evidence-based programming and instruction designed to help you meet the evolving demands of your interactions with coworkers, community, and those you serve. We offer trainings both in-person and virtually.

TransActive training addresses existing myths and misinformation about gender expansive self-expression in children and youth, while examining the social, cultural, health and legal challenges that face those who are transgender, gender expansive, queer and non-binary. Workshops are engaging, inclusive, challenging, and tailored to your needs.

Gender Diversity Training Offerings

Whether choosing a 90-minute introductory workshop or a half/full day in-service training, TransActive can help put you and your team ahead of the curve in providing safe and respectful environments for every child, youth and adult in your professional or social community.

Trainings for Youth Serving Organizations and Institutions

For those who work with and serve gender expansive and transgender youth

Trainings for Workforce Development

Opportunities developed for human resources, supervisors, staff and administrators

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Recent Training Partners Include:

Columbia Regional Educator Network  •  Morrison Family and Child Services
Oregon Air National Guard  •  Oregon Museum of Science and Industry  •  Oregon Department of Child Welfare  •  Oregon Health & Science University  •  Portland Public Schools  •  Randall Children’s Hospital  •  TriMet  •  
United States Department of State   •  United Way of the Columbia-Willamette