December 11, 2014

Ecopsychology featured in national publications

The field of Ecopsychology is making national news. Recent issues of Time, Vogue, and Catalyst feature articles about the field, and the contributions of Lewis & Clark faculty Patricia Hasbach. 
Ecopsychology research is lauded in Time Magazine

Research into the effects of nature imagery on inmates at the Snake River Correctional Institution, spearheaded by Dr. Patricia Hasbach, was named #20 of the “25 Best Inventions in 2014” by Time Magazine. The research team has created a website that further describes the project. Click here to read the Time article. 

Vogue Magazine interviews Dr. Hasbach and colleagues

Ecopsychology made it to the pages of Vogue! Dr. Hasbach was interviewed for an article titled “Natural High – The Science is in: Nature Really Does Make You Happy,” Dr. Hasbach had the opportunity to discuss biophilia, ecopsychology/ ecotherapy, how she incorporates ecotherapy into her psychotherapy practice, and our need for connection to the natural world. Click here to read the Vogue article.

Catalyst Magazine features recent Ecopsychology conference

The Ecopsychology Project conference held in Salt Lake City, Utah this fall was featured in the November issue of Catalyst Magazine. Dr. Hasbach gave the keynote address for that conference on “Rewilding for Human Flourishing” and also presented a workshop on “Therapy in the Face of Climate Change.” Click here to read the Catalyst article.