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Teacher Education

Elementary—Multiple Subject Outcomes


Elem MAT '17 employment rate: 100% of eligible candidates

  • Olivia Pitesa, 4th Grade

    Evergreen School District, WA
  • Alex Gambel, Teachers Aide

    New Hampshire
  • Arantxa Kovis, 4th Grade

    Vancouver Public School District, WA
  • Laura Ward, 2nd Grade

    West Linn-Wilsonville School District
  • Jessica Young, Kindergarten

    Vancouver Pubilc School District, WA
  • Amber Boehringer, Kindergarten

    Vancouver Public Shcool District, WA
  • Natalie Knight, 5th & 6th Grade

    Lincoln County School District
  • Mary Allen, 3rd Grade

    Lake Oswego School District
  • Cassidy Zusman, Kindergarten

    Beaverton School District 
  • Kendra Haines, 5th Grade

    Evergreen Public Schools, WA
  • Nathalie Duran, 3rd Grade

    Etiwanda School District, CA
  • Haley Nelson, 1st Grade

    Sherwood School District
  • Elisa Thomas, Title I Assistant

    Lake Oswego School District
  • Alexandra Skrbin, 5th Grade

    Evergreen School District, WA
  • Mariah Anderson, 2nd Grade

    Federal Way School District
  • Kayla Watson, 5th Grade

    Portland Public Schools
  • McKenna Poling, Kinder

    Evergreen School District, WA
  • Sophia Levenson, 1st Grade


  • Vicki McHugh. 4th Grade

    Evergreen School District, WA
  • Anna Jones, 1st Grade

    Canby School District 

Many area administrators have commented that hiring a Lewis & Clark graduate is like hiring a second-year teacher—you’re that well-prepared.

Video: Abby, Katie, and Brina talk about how student teaching prepared them to find jobs after graduation


“Our best hires have come from Lewis & Clark. These graduates are making a big difference in the classroom and our community. If I was entertaining going back to school to become a teacher, Lewis & Clark would be my number one choice.”

—Randy Brosius, Associate Principal, Evergreen School District

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