Part-Time MAT Elementary Cohort for School Employees

Designed for classified district employees who hold a bachelor’s degree, this district-affiliated, part-time cohort expands access to Lewis & Clark’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program and opens a new pathway for individuals with proven success working with children to become teachers. 


  • “Lewis & Clark has an incredible reputation for preparing its candidates to teach using social justice approaches that make our work in our classrooms equitable. I was motivated to develop my skills as a teacher through this lens.”

    Sierra Rivers
    More about Sierra
  • “I want my students to be comfortable in sharing their thoughts and ideas around their own race and identity without feeling disparaged or compromised by other adults or peers.”

    Brent Mangum
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  • “My grandfather inspired me to pursue a career in education. He taught me the power that education has to change lives.”

    Minh Xuan Taylor
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Key Features

Timeline and Schedule

  • Two-year part-time delivery of the same Lewis & Clark Elementary MAT program
  • Combination of on-campus class meetings with distance learning coursework
  • Practicum designed to allow students to maintain current employment

Purposeful Sequencing

  • Year 1 focus on mathematics instruction
  • Year 2 focus on literacy instruction

Financial Incentives

  • All school employees in the part-time MAT Elementary cohort program will receive a scholarship that reduces total program cost by approximately 32% compared to the full-time MAT Elementary program
  • Some additional LC scholarship awards available for early admitted students


Admission Requirements

The part-time cohort is currently only available to applicants with a district-affiliated agreement. If you are interested in this option to be available within your district, would like information regarding how to enroll at a later date, or would be interested in a non district-affiliated option, please let us know.


Applicants must:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in any field and provide official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Demonstrate competency in mathematics and science through coursework, test results, or one-on-one competency interview
  • Document prior experience in the elementary grades through a verification form completed by a classroom teacher
  • Must submit district approval form (included in the application)
  • Hold a classified job position in a PK-5 general education elementary setting (includes restricted substitute teachers) for the duration of the program.

Note: letters of recommendation are not required to apply for the part-time cohort.

Ready to Learn More?

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