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Teacher Education

Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Program details

Total credit hours: 36
Program start date
: Ongoing. Full-time summer study is also available.
 options are available for some endorsement classes through our District-Affiliated Programs
 the program of study in the current catalog
Program Faculty include Kasi Allen, Alejandra Favela, Alicia Roberts Frank and Greg Smith.

This program challenges early childhood, elementary, middle school, and high school teachers who wish to engage in advanced study and improve their teaching practice. It provides an opportunity for teachers to self-design studies that assist them in meeting their professional goals. Many teachers choose to focus on advanced study in language and literacy (this may incorporate a reading endorsement), working more effectively with second-language learners (this may incorporate an ESOL endorsement), or advanced study in teaching content such as science, mathematics, language arts, or social studies. Students may also incorporate other special areas of interest such as working with students with serious behavior problems or special learning needs (this may incorporate a special education endorsement).

Embed an Endorsement or Certificate in Your Program

As part of the M.Ed. program, students may choose to complete coursework toward one or more endorsements in the following areas:

Students may also earn the Oregon Writing Project Certificate in the Teaching of Writing.

What to Expect

The main features of this program are that it can function as a self-designed professional development plan for the teacher and it may include one or more endorsement.

Classes in the graduate school at Lewis & Clark emphasize an active exchange of ideas, problem solving based on case studies presented by students, thoughtful reviews of current research and literature in the profession, and a focus on learning to present one’s finding in a thoughtful and professional manner. Classes are small and led by outstanding scholar/practitioners. Our goal is for every graduate to leave more excited about and more capable of improving their own practice and helping other educators do the same.

Most students who enroll in this program are currently teaching and arrange to take advantage of our flexible schedule of weekend, evening and summer classes. Many take one evening course a semester and several courses in the summer. However, it is also possible to complete the program in a year of full-time study or to complete the program with summer courses only. Potential students should arrange to speak with an advisor to discuss options for scheduling.

Expectations for Admission

This program is best suited for practicing educators who are committed to creating school environments that enhance the learning of all students. We seek students who are deeply committed to k-12 teaching and enjoy actively examining and improving their own work and the manner in which they and their colleagues create communities of support.

The program is designed for individuals who have a valid, regular Oregon teaching license and want to expand their knowledge in instructional practices and/or content related to teaching K-12 students by earning a master’s degree. The vast majority of candidates will have only a bachelor’s degree.

In Oregon, in order to maintain a teaching license, teachers must have earned 30 semester hours of continued study in a planned, approved program within 10 years. Since this is only 6 semester hours shy of the requirement for a master’s degree and districts offer sizeable salary increases for teachers with master’s degrees, virtually all inservice teachers who don’t already have master’s degrees go this extra step.

Apply Now

You can find admissions requirement information and an online application at the Graduate Admissions Office website.

For more information, or to make an appointment with a faculty advisor, contact the office of Teacher Education at 503-768-6100 or

For Current Students

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Students currently enrolled in an Inservice degree or endorsement program who would like to continue their Inservice studies in another endorsement program may be eligible for an abbreviated application process. Please complete the form below.

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