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Jobs Update, Class of '14

  • Jessica Voss: Biology
    Sherwood Middle School, Sherwood, OR

  • Gabe Nagler: Physical Science
    South Meadows High School, Hillsboro, OR

  • Tim Larsen: Physics
    Itech Prep School, Vancouver, WA

  • Meghan Young: Biology
    LEP High School, Portland, OR

  • Nina Gross: Biology
    Discovery Middle School, Vancouver, WA

  • Ian Lake: Biology
    Sherwood High School, Sherwood, OR

  • Kaitlyn Karsten: Social Studies/Language Arts
    Wood Middle School, Wilsonville, OR

  • Clara Richardson: Social Studies
    Wood Middle School, Wilsonville, OR

  • Elliott Cameron: Biology
    Douglas McKay High School, Salem, OR

  • Kathleen Fuller: Chemistry
    Cleveland High School, Portland, OR

  • David Valenzuela: Biology
    Madison High School, Portland, OR

  • Seamus Shalman: Biology
    Fort Vancouver High School, Vancouver, WA

  • Megan Trombetta: Math
    Ilwaco Middle School, Ocean Beach, WA

  • Adam Taylor: Math
    Jefferson High School, Portland, OR

  • Flannery Spinhime: Math
    First Creek Middle School, Tacoma, WA

  • Ben Mihelic: Math
    Roosevelt High School, Portland, OR

  • Madiha Marium: Math
    Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy, Austin, TX

  • Hina Malik: Math
    Southridge High School, Beaverton, OR

  • Molly Huggins: Math
    Northwood Middle School, Kent, WA

  • Skye Firestone: Math
    Benson High School, Portland, OR

  • Michael Esmay: Math
    Aloha High School, Aloha, OR

  • Rosie Cottingham: Math
    Oregon City High School, Oregon City, OR

  • Sam Wilson: Language Arts
    Teaching in Indiana

  • Nick Godsmark: Language Arts
    Teaching in China

  • Mykhiel Deych: Language Arts
    Grant High School, Portland, OR

  • Kim Wagner: Language Arts
    Franklin High School, Portland, OR

  • Alethea Mock: Language Arts
    Gresham High School, Gresham, OR

  • Debbie Kurtz: Language Arts
    Meadow Park Middle School, Beaverton, OR

  • Molly Soloway: Language Arts
    Conestoga Middle School, Beaverton, OR

  • Jasmine Spiegel: Language Arts
    DaVinci Middle School, Portland, OR

  • Camila Arze Torres Goitia: Social Studies
    Madison High School, Portland, OR

  • Eliana Machuca: Social Studies
    Jefferson High School, Portland, OR

  • Betsey Jensen: Social Studies
    Sunset High School, Beaverton, OR

  • Hernan Eaves: Social Studies
    McKay High School, Salem, OR

Degree title: Master of Arts in Teaching w/ Initial Teaching License, Middle Level/High School Authorizations
Total credit hours
: 40
Program start date: June
Program length: 13 months
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Option to apply to the M.A.T. with ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement

Lewis & Clark’s program for beginning educators in middle and high school (grades 5-12) is focused on education and adolescent development and learning. One of the unique features of the program is our emphasis on pedagogical content knowledge. Lewis & Clark also prepares you to be a researcher in your own classroom. These two key features are critical foundations that will help you serve the needs of learners and keep you intellectually engaged throughout your career.

Video: Spotlight on Evergreen High School

Alumni talk about establishing their own classrooms; administrators describe why they love to hire our graduates.

“Our best hires have come from Lewis & Clark. These graduates are making a big difference in the classroom and our community. If I was entertaining going back to school to become a teacher, Lewis & Clark would be my number one choice.” —Randy Brosius, Associate Principal, Evergreen School District

About the Program

You choose which content area you want to be endorsed to teach in:

    MLHS Program Director: Liza Finkel

  • Art  (Program Coordinator:  Jan Glenn)

In addition all teacher candidates will have the opportunity to work with other education specialists whose area of expertise cuts across all disciplines: Greg Smith (literacy across the curriculum), Ruth Shagoury (literacy across the curriculum), Alejandra Favela (ESOL), and Alicia Roberts Frank (special education) and Liza Finkel (MLHS program director).

Another distinguishing feature of our program is the yearlong student teaching experience. The field experience prepares you to:

  • Meet the needs of adolescents in ways that honor and extend their experiences as well as to enhance adolescents’ capacity to solve problems
  • Develop strategies that support the creation of democratic learning communities, drawing on research in theory and best practices
  • Cultivate connections between learners and the world beyond the classroom
  • Incorporate a range of teaching and technological resources

In all our work, we honor the work of John Dewey in emphasizing the importance of being a student of teaching.

 How to Apply

  • Visit the admissions website for full details on admissions requirements, deadlines, financial aid information and more.
  • Contact program coordinator if you have questions.

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