Professional Development for Current Teachers

Inspired Learning for the Real World. Our inservice programs model professional standards, innovative curricula, and best practices for early childhood, elementary, middle, and high school teachers who want to advance their study. At Lewis & Clark, we invest in expertise and foster deep engagement. Our faculty members use the same approach we encourage our students to adopt: teaching through collaboration; by observing, describing, and learning from student behavior; with respect for diversity; and as advocates for student and community success. Weekend and evening classes accommodate the schedules of working teachers, and we’ll even bring our programs to you—district-affiliated programs for experienced teachers are offered at various sites around Oregon.

For an advising appointment please call (503) 768-6100.

Degree Programs

License Endorsements

Off-Campus License Endorsements

Other Programs

Why continue your education at Lewis & Clark?

At Lewis & Clark, you will learn to create classrooms and schools where students’ learning needs are met within communities of support. Our highly flexible programs are designed with the realities of daily life in mind.

Attend weekend or evening classes, or pursue summer coursework to finish your program. A dedicated, experienced faculty will work with you to create an individualized course of study that enhances your ability to serve a wide range of students effectively.

Best practices

  • Our programs emphasize best practices for assisting a wide range of students and nurturing all learners. We encourage students to question the generally accepted or new, often unsubstantiated, assumptions about schooling, literacy, teaching, and learning that may remain unexamined in other teacher education programs.

Depth of coursework

  • We feature significant course offerings in improving students reading skills (including a reading endorsement), assisting second language learners (including an ESOL endorsement) and working with students with special needs (including a special educator endorsement).
  • Advanced work in content areas such as science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies can be incorporated into most programs of study. These courses emphasize both content-area preparation and methods for teaching the content.

The faculty

  • Our faculty are scholars. We make sure faculty at the graduate school have time for individualized work with students and time to work in schools, conduct research, write, and present findings at conferences by requiring that they teach fewer semester hours than faculty at other private colleges. Most of our full-time faculty members have doctoral degrees and are leaders in their fields.
  • Our faculty are practitioners. We employ school professionals who have many years of experience in K-12 classrooms and reputations as agents of change.
  • We encourage you to look through our faculty website to see the faculty with whom you will be working.

The students

  • At Lewis & Clark, your colleagues will be some of the most creative, committed teachers in the profession. You will be among peers who are dedicated to becoming educational change agents.