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Graduate Commencement

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Lewis & Clark Graduate School Commencement: Sunday, June 4, 2017


Commencement Day Instructions for Graduate Faculty


Instructions Updated 06/02/16; Instructions for 2017 Coming in May

Mobility and ASL Accommodations for Faculty

Faculty requesting accommodation should contact Sharon Chinn, Commencement Coordinator, by Friday, May 26, 2017.

On Commencement Sunday (June 4, 2017)
By 9 a.m.        

Arrive to campus, parking in the Lower Templeton Parking Lot

9:00 a.m.        

Commencement Robing and Reception in the Trailroom, Templeton Campus Center (or in Pamplin Room 10, in case of “Rain Call;” located on the lower level of Pamlin—entering the building, the room is immediately to the left of the outside door leading to the football stadium).

9:40 a.m.        

At the direction of the faculty marshals, move to road between Gregg Memorial Pavilion and the Manor House (or to Pamplin Reception Desk, in case of “Rain Call”).

9:50 a.m.        

Honor the candidates for degrees as they pass and then join in the processional following the candidates and faculty marshals.

10:00 a.m.      


During the hooding process and at the direction and discretion of the faculty and student marshals, please feel free to rise and line up to congratulate graduates from your program AFTER their photograph is taken in front of the Manor House screen.

FYI…Special Note to Graduates Regarding Handshakes and Hooding

For graduates unable to shake hands and/or to be hooded by Dean Scott Fletcher:

  • When your name is called by River Montijo, move forward handing your hood to Associate Dean Janet Bixby and ask her to perform the hooding.
  • Once hooded, move forward to Interim President Ellis
  • Accept and hold your diploma and hold it with both hands or with right hand over your heart
  • Greet the commencement speaker holding your diploma with both hands or with right hand over your heart; optionally, shake hands with Dr. Jane Monnig Atkinson
  • Exit the stage for photos
  • Greet program faculty holding your diploma with both hands (or with right hand over your heart)

Following the bagpiper, mace bearer, and platform party, join in the recessional (with the faculty marshals at the lead).


Reception in the Manor House Circle (or in Stamm Dining Hall, in case of “Rain Call”).

Mace Bearer
  • Carol Doyle Associate Professor
Faculty Marshals
  • Sue Feldman Assistant Professor
  • Elena Lilles Diamond Assistant Professor
Student Marshals
  • Lina Darwich Assistant Professor
  • Liza Finkel Associate Professor
  • Linda Griffin Associate Professor
  • Stella Kerl-McClain Associate Professor
  • Peter Mortola Professor
Doctoral Committee Chairs
  • Kenneth Brinson Assistant Professor
  • Kimberly Campbell Associate Professor
  • Alejandra Favela Associate Professor
  • Sue Feldman Assistant Professor
  • Mollie Galloway Associate Professor
From the Lewis & Clark Faculty Handbook:

3.9.2 B #1 [Graduate School of Education and Counseling] Faculty members are expected to participate in commencement exercises and activities.

Graduate Commencement

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