Accessibility and Accommodations

The graduate school is pleased to offer accessibility accommodations for graduates, guests, and faculty. 

The deadline to request guest accommodations is Friday, May 24, 2024.

This page covers guest accommodations only. Graduates and faculty requesting accessibility accommodations, please email no later than Friday, May 3, 2024.

Seating Reservations: Mobility Needs

Reserved seating is available for our guests who require wheelchair access or mobility accommodations, along with an additional 4 companion seats, for a party total of 5.

General admission (non-reserved bleacher and floor seating) is available for additional members of the party. Many of these seats can also be accessed with only a few steps to climb. Depending on the accessibility needs of your guests, you may be able to secure seating that suits your entire party, but we cannot guarantee availability. Tickets nor reservations are required for the general admission section.

Reserve Accessible Seating

Seating Reservations: ASL Interpretation

Reserved seating is available for our guests who require ASL interpretation. These seats are near the front of the venue and provide a sightline to the ASL interpreters positioned on the commencement stage.

Reserve ASL Seating

Accessible Guest Drop-off for Ceremony

On the day of the commencement ceremony, drivers may drop off guest(s) who require mobility accommodations and proceed to park the vehicle. Arrival no later than 9:30 AM PDT is encouraged.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessible parking at the ceremony location is extremely limited and we cannot guarantee availability. Guests who plan to use the accessible drop-off location should arrange to have a driver drop them off and then proceed to park the car. Shuttles will be available. If this is not possible, please email Kimberly Bernick at to discuss arrangements as soon as possible.

  • GSEC Commencement Accessibility Map
  • Enter the campus at Gate #3.
  • Provide your name to the campus safety officer inside Gate #3.
  • A campus safety officer will direct the driver to the passenger drop-off area in the Lower Pamplin parking lot.
  • Look for the signs that read: “Special Needs Passenger Drop-off.”
  • After dropping off their passengers, drivers will be directed to available parking in the east section of Upper Griswold parking lot.

Guests will be greeted by an usher who will direct them to the accessible seating section.

Accessible Guest Pick-up and Drop-off for After-Reception

Following the commencement ceremony, guests who have requested mobility accommodations may either catch the shuttle in front of Pamplin Gym to the after-reception on the Graduate Campus or be picked up by their driver.

  • GSEC Commencement Accessibility Map
  • Guests being picked up by their driver will return to the Lower Pamplin parking lot where they originally entered Pamplin Gym.
  • Their driver will exit the Upper Griswold parking lot and return to Lower Pamplin by exiting Gate 2 and entering Gate 3 off of S. Palatine Hill Road.
  • After the guest is picked up, return to S. Palatine Hill Road and continue to Gate 7.
  • Show the campus safety officer at Gate #7 either a state-issued “disabled person parking permit” or print and show the L&C GSEC Commencement Accessible Parking Permit.
  • You will be directed to park in the West Parking Loop on the Graduate Campus. (The after-reception with complimentary food trucks will be located in the Staff parking lot at this location.)

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the ceremony and reception. See Lewis & Clark’s Service and Assistance Animal Policy for additional information.