Emerging Identity

Art Therapy capstone presentations and art exhibition Navigation, by Kali Doubledee

About Emerging Identity

The work in this exhibit culminates in the final year of training for students in the art therapy program in the AT 583 Studio Art Therapy Course. The students are tasked with creating a body of art that explores their art therapist identity and artist identity as they complete their training as art therapists. This exhibition is the first ever at this newly expanded space at Lewis & Clark’s Community Counseling Center.

Exhibiting Artists:

Melissa Dawn Ackley, Elvira Bertrand, Madison Christ, Amber Denton, Kali Doubledee, Claire Duncan, Kayla Marie E., Kate Feddersen, Alyssa Healey, Emma Huffman, Ruxandra (Ruxy) Lazarescu, Kerrie L. Leitch, Adam Maxwell, Morgan McCoy, Emily Metro, Kendall Ozmun, Bre Pleasant, Juniper Reed, Sarah Sarli, Peter Skutt, Casey Woeber.

2024 Student Capstone Galleries