Alison H

Venting to Dad
4XL warn blue t-shirt, stitching thread

It’s hard to find the words to explain this piece…
This is my Dad’s old “got safety?” t-shirt
I don’t know if this is a Dad thing or what, but my dad has a lot of Dad joke graphic tees
One of them says “If you’re reading this I probably farted”
He owned his Dad joke sense of humor, and I loved that about him

He passed away in July 2018
During my second year of graduate school
After Marylhurst closed and we moved to Lewis & Clark
He was happy to know we landed somewhere safe

I started stitching on my Dad’s old t-shirt to continue venting to him about my day
He was my live-in therapist
And he always supported me altering my clothes

The idea to stitch a day came from a presentation I saw at the AATA 2019 conference
My dear friend inspired me to stitch on a piece of my Dad’s old clothing
She too had lost her Dad at a young age

This t-shirt fits like a dress on me, and probably everyone I know
Fitting I guess
No one can ever fill the space he left