Kate F.

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face NR.Not Rated
Credit: Kate F.
Artist Bio

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Marylhurst University and will graduate this summer from Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling with a Master of Science Degree in Art Therapy. My thesis research is a mixed methods study exploring artmaking’s impact on the autonomic nervous system and the individuality of media choice. This focus has also facilitated a redefining of my relationship with artmaking and the appraising-eye often tied to the arts.

Most importantly is that I have two cats whose names are Oslo and Jabulani, “Ozzy” and “Lady” respectively.

Artist Statement

Reflected in each image is my communion with media and time. In the products of this communion I make meanings about many things including my art therapist identity. Though never separate from any other aspect of my being, my art therapist-self attempts to embody a version of self-awareness that I do not hope to wield 24/7. Viewing these works through that art therapist lens reveals an identity that embraces playing with media and the exploration of process. It enables self and others to use visually expressive means to research any known or hidden ponderings.

Also mirrored back to me are the fears of my art therapist-self:

- The falsity of a golden thread spun by a practitioner’s power.

- The fear of spreading pain

- and the anguish of pain already spread.

Here my art sits, a neuron outside of my body. Receiving and transmitting information from past and present, hoping to learn, inform and connect. In that likeness, my identity as an art therapist centers on interpersonal connection, attuning to self and client.

Not Rated 35” x 41”
Mixed media

Rumpelstiltskin’s Golden Thread
26” x 15”
Mixed media

30” x 23”
Mixed media