Adam M.

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1a Artist Statement

hi, i am adam. i make art for myself and others. art making is an act of love which brings me peace, even in my darkest, most painful moments. my art process clumsily communicates where i am presently in my process, both as a human and an art therapist. my sole aim is to ease suffering and radiate peace. as a human, an artist, and an art therapist, i dedicate myself to radiating peace. i hold a deep belief that we are all one; every pang of suffering and each burst of joy belongs to us all. by embracing our uniqueness and accepting every moment of internal and external sensory experience, i root myself in the present. i feel everything and wonder at the mystery of existence. from the present, i acknowledge as my sensory experience changes and flows within, around, and as me. in shaping the ways i show up in the present moment for others through my role, i do all i can to help them find their own path, trusting in our ability to feel our way through anything, like water being pulled up and over a rock and towards the sea by way of the process of gravity’s force. i believe we can change people’s lives by spreading peace, and by being present peacefully with others. fighting for peace is like standing in the rain for dryness. we cannot fight for peace, as fighting is not peaceful. instead, we must create peace, as an art form, which is as personal as it is mutual. an art form of letting go. letting go of our pushing away the unwanted and our pulling in of the wanted. letting go of all of our self-made tensions, and allowing ourselves to be at peace with the form of our present moment experience as we shape our lives. i feel my metaphysical obligation is to allow peace to be present within me in relation to anyone and any circumstance i encounter. i do my best to allow that peace to be with me, and to radiate outward for others to sense and engage with. i believe i must extend peace, support, and love through human kindness and human presence in every moment, to every person. our presence and peaceful openness supports others, empowering their journey to embrace the flow of their experience which is their life with nourishment. from a place of peace, we make all our choices peacefully, impacting each moment with openness and acceptance. so, i try my best, but i’m only human. i embody a unique humanity, awkward and distinctively challenged, just as we all are in our own, unique ways of being. and that’s okay too i know we all fall down, get crushed, and feel heavy sometimes. sometimes we feel hurt, and sometimes we hurt others. and sometimes, we feel open, present, and peaceful. sometimes someone makes our day, or we make the day for others. that’s okay too. all of my art, and hopefully my life, is to say, “i love you.”