Emma H.

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Thorax Thorax
Credit: Emma H.
Artist Bio

Emma Huffman is a sculptor whose work includes ceramic material, textiles, and mixed media. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Ceramics from Ohio University and will graduate this spring from Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling with a Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy.

Currently, Emma is an intern at a therapeutic school, where she provides art therapy for adolescents who have experienced complex trauma. The students’ incredible imaginations, creativity, and resilience each day inspire her and Emma feels privileged to support them.

Emma has always been pulled to explore the connections between human emotion, our bodies, and the natural world. She loves to create art that becomes a metaphor for personal feeling and relationships while pulling from fantastical ideas.

Artist Statement

Mixed Media: wire, embroidery thread, ribbon, and found material

Thorax was created in many pieces. Every day I carried one or two small bundles of string in my pocket that I used to create long chains of forward knots. Creating these knotted strands became a recentering tool for myself. It was soothing to follow a repetitive pattern with my hands in between clients or after the work day ended. Tying the knots allowed me to regulate my body, prepare my mind, and move forward with my day.

The strands of knots are attached to a wire armature that is representative of the stability that the process has offered me. If worn, the armature covers the chest and gut; which is where I hold emotion and stress in my body the most.