2023 Capstone Presentations & Art Exhibition

Final art Art by Emily Dick

Please join us on April 17, 2023 as the art therapy graduating class of 2023 presents their capstone projects. Presentations will be in-person in the South Chapel on the graduate school campus, and also broadcast via Zoom. All are welcome. Please register to attend by April 15.

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Presentation Schedule

9:05 AM: Ava Menchu (she/her)
Using Crafts and Empathy to Foster Self Expression

9:35 AM: Charlee Furlow (she/her)
The Art Therapist’s Journey in Establishing and Maintaining a Mindful Art Practice

10:05 AM: Kai Carli (they/them)
Creating A Sensory Diet

10:30 - 10:45: BREAK

10:45 AM: Sienna Church (she/her)
Power Reclamation and Exploration through Self Portraiture

11:15 AM: Hala Samaan (she/her)
Navigating Liminal Spaces with Crochet

11:45 AM: Celina Paul (she/her)
Adventures in Art Therapy. Demystifying the process through the ETC, Transparency, and supporting clients in discovering their growing edges.

12:15 - 12:50 PM: LUNCH

12:50 PM: Paris Courtney (they/she)
Serving My Community, Preserving Myself

1:20 PM: Katie Wood (they/them)
Making Up Stories: Exploring Narrative Art Therapy as a Healing Modality for Survivors of Munchausen by Proxy Abuse

1:50 PM: Meredith Barbieri
Embodied & Emboldened: Cultivating Joy Through Crafting

2:20 PM: Kaylynne Gray (they/them)
In Defense of Aesthetic Joy: Negotiated Meaning in Art Therapy

2:45 - 3:00 PM: BREAK

3:00 PM: Maria Blaszkiw (she/her)
Mobile Art Therapy: Map Making in Lower-Income Communities

3:30 PM: Emily Dick (she/her)
“Coping with Caring without Curing:” Response Art as Self Care in Working with Eating Disorders

4:00 PM: Marie Daniels
Pieces of You

4:30 PM: Eztrella Armijo (they/she)
Conscious Creativity and the Eco-ETC