Vern Jones

Professor Emeriti

Vern Jones has been a junior high school teacher of students with emotional and behavior problems, a junior high school vice principal, and a district resource coordinator for students with emotional and behavior disorders. From 1986 to 1989, Vern was co-chair of the American Educational Research Association’s special interest group on classroom management. He has served as a scholar in residence in the department of education at Western Michigan State University, visited California State University at Riverside as a Distinguished Scholar, given the centennial address for the University of Idaho School of Education, and served as a distinguished lecture series presenter at Hastings College in Nebraska. In 1990, he won the Burlington Northern Award as Graduate School Teacher of the Year at Lewis & Clark College. He has given keynote addresses at state conferences in over ten states and consulted with school districts and staff in over 25 states.

Personal Statement

I have spent the past 44 years helping educators create classroom and school environments in which all students can succeed, and particularly where students who struggle to meet school behavior expectations are treated with respect and supported in developing behavior skills that may be quite different from the social skills they have developed and had reinforced in other settings.  Rather than see the student as the problem, I believe it is essential to examine school factors including adult-student and student-student relationships, curriculum, instructional methods, how behavior expectations are taught, and how behavior errors are responded to, as key factors in helping all students demonstrate behaviors that support the creation of a safe and supportive classroom and school environment.


Areas of Expertise

Classroom Management, Schoolwide Student Management, Students with Emotional & Behavior Problems, School-based Consultation

Current Research

  • Effective classroom management
  • Programs for students with emotional and behavioral disorders


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Vern Jones has published over 20 articles in various journals in education and special education.

Academic Credentials

PhD 1971 University of Texas at Austin, BA 1968 Lewis & Clark College

Location: Rogers Hall