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Alejandra Favela

Associate Professor

  • Alejandra Favela
    Alejandra Favela
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Rogers Hall

Alejandra Favela teaches a variety of courses for in-service teachers that lead to the ESOL/Bilingual Endorsement. In addition, she works closely with pre-service teachers and faculty members to infuse the curriculum in ways that benefit culturally and linguistically diverse students. Before coming to Lewis & Clark College, Alejandra was a lead member of the Teacher Education Faculty at Claremont Graduate University in California. Her interest in social justice and education for marginalized children began in Bosnia-Hercegovina where she worked in refugee camps and in several non-profit organizations throughout Eastern Europe. Her work in U.S. schools as a supervisor, consultant, and researcher have all been guided by her own experiences as an immigrant student and as a bilingual teacher in both urban and rural settings. Her teaching and research focuses on bilingual education, culturally responsive teaching, immigrant social networks, transnational education, critical pedagogy, sociolinguistics, and applying communities’ funds of knowledge in schools. 

Areas of Expertise

Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy


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Academic Credentials

Ph.D. 2004 Claremont Graduate University /San Diego State University, M.A. 1994 London School of Economics and Political Science, B.S. 1992 University of California, Berkeley