Kimberly Campbell

Mary Stuart Rogers Professor of Education, Chair of Teacher Education

Rogers Hall 406, MSC: 14

Kimberly Campbell began her teaching career at Estacada Junior High in 1979. Like 50% of beginning teachers, she left the profession after just three years. Her liberal arts background and desire to make the world a better place led her to law school. Kimberly was fortunate to find her way back to teaching. She taught high school English for eight years, sustained by the research she conducted on her classroom practice and students’ learning. In 1995, Kimberly had the unique opportunity to serve as the founding principal for a high school based on the Coalition of Essential Schools. She served in this capacity for four years. Since 1999, Kimberly has been at Lewis & Clark College where she teaches and serves as Language Arts Advisor as well as one of the Cohort Coordinators in the Middle Level/High School Preservice Program.

Although she grew up under the sunny skies of Colorado, Kimberly finds the rain of Oregon the perfect weather for reading, writing, and thinking.

Personal Statement

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Areas of Expertise

Middle and high school language arts, development of knowledge for new teachers, using teacher research to support knowledge development in new teachers, teaching middle and high school literature

Editor of Oregon English Journal, 2017 - present

Current Research

Kimberly’s research interests are teacher research, teacher knowledge, and what supports and sustains beginning teachers. Currently she is working on a book to support the teaching of literature in high school classrooms.



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Invited Articles and Media

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February  2019

Going Beyond the Five-Paragraph Formula in Support of Students’ Nonfiction Writing.  Keynote Presentation at Region 4 Annual Reading and Writing Conference, Houston, TX

November 2017

Beyond Formula: Exploring Essays to Empower Students (with Kristi Latimer). National Council of Teachers of English, St. Louis, MO

June  2017

Expository and Persuasive Writing Without Relying on the Five-Paragraph Formula.  Keynote Presentation at Write for Texas Summer Institute, Houston, TX

April  2017                          

Nonfiction Writing  Two Workshop sessions at Oregon Council of Teachers of English Spring Conference, Seaside, OR

November 2016

Challenging the Five-Paragraph Formula: Advocating for Change Without Alienating Our Colleagues (with Kristi Latimer).  National Council of Teachers of English, Atlanta, GA

November 2015                 

The Case for Short Texts to Support Students as Writers and Readers.  Keynote Presentation at Utah Council of Teachers of English Conference, Salt Lake City, UT

Using Short Mentor Texts to Support and Expand Student Writing.  Featured Session Presenter at Utah Council of Teachers of English Conference, Salt Lake City, UT            

Letting Go of the Five-Paragraph Formula: Strategies that Support Students in Writing with Voice and Purpose for School and Beyond.  Featured Presenter at Central Utah Writing Project Workshop, Provo, UT

October 2014                     

New Teacher Panel.  Co-facilitated panel of new LA teachers (all MAT graduates) with OCTE president, Karen Johnson.  Oregon Council of Teachers of English, Wilsonville, OR

December 2013                 

Strategies to Help Students Move Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay and Literature as Mentor: Using Mentor Texts and Collaboration to Expand Students Writing Repertoire (with Kristi Latimer).  Featured Presenters at UC Irvine National Writing Project Annual Conference, Irvine, CA 

November 2013

Rethinking the Five-Paragraph Formula for Literary Essays.  National Council of Teachers of English, Boston, MA

October 2013

Writing Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay (with Kristi Latimer).  Oregon Council of Teachers of English, Wilsonville, OR        

November  2012

Developing Skilled, Engaged Writers Amidst a Time of High Expectations.  Featured Presenter at Oregon Reading Association Fall Institute, Portland, OR

March  2009                     

Less is More: Using Short Texts to Teach Literature, The Power of the Short Story, and What if Students Read Essays in Addition to Writing Essays?  Featured Speaker at Illinois Reading Council Conference, Springfield, IL 

Academic Credentials

Ed.D. 2004 Portland State University, JD 1985 Willamette University College of Law, MAT 1994, BA 1979 Lewis & Clark College

Location: Rogers Hall