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Faculty of Color Consortium

June 03, 2009

Collaborating groups: TBA
Faculty contact: Andrae Brown

The Faculty of Color Consortium will invite faculty of color from institutions of higher education, including community colleges, private and public universities, and post graduate institutes in the Portland area to gather and develop a professional community focused on: connecting faculty of color within Lewis & Clark with each other and faculty from institutions of higher education in the greater Portland area; increasing morale and sense of connection among faculty of color to colleagues, the college, the graduate school, and the Portland community; developing mentoring relationships among faculty of color in the area; collaborating on strategies for teaching in historically White institutions, including managing classroom issues related to differences in race and culture; recognizing and responding to micro- and macro-aggressions within the work place; navigating the tenure and/or promotion processes; negotiating family transitions relative to professional development and relocation to the Portland area; and creating opportunities for collaboration on research and scholarship.

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Andrae Brown

Teresa McDowell
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