May 26, 2021

TransActive’s Statement on the recent ‘I Resolve’ Campaign

As the coordinated targeting of transgender and nonbinary children, youth, their families and care providers intensifies, some elected officials, organizations, and individuals appear willing to do harm to kids and families as they wage yet another ‘culture war.’ The ‘I Resolve’ campaign in Oregon, whose goal is allocating restroom and/or locker room access based on genital anatomy rather than gender identity, is one example. The efforts of the campaign are irresponsible and built on politically motivated disinformation.

Since 2013, the American Psychiatric Association has recognized that societal intolerance and ignorance about naturally occurring gender diversity is a major contributing factor to gender dysphoria. Virtually every respected social science and healthcare organization around the world supports early affirmation and treatment of properly assessed transgender children and youth. And yet, those that oppose affirming those experiencing gender dysphoria continue to cite ideologically subjective opinion pieces and outdated, discredited research. The ‘I Resolve’ campaign and others like it are endangering the health and well-being of gender expansive, nonbinary and transgender students and their families.

TransActive Gender Project, a program of Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling stands unequivocally shoulder-to-shoulder with gender expansive, nonbinary and transgender children and youth in their civil and human right to participate in school activities that correspond to their gender identity. Further, we unequivocally support transgender youth access to healthcare that has been proven to be effective in improving their well-being and overall quality of life.

The TransActive Gender Project has been effectively serving the needs of hundreds of gender expansive children, youth, and their families for more than 15 years. We do this by following the abundant peer-reviewed evidence coming from research, clinical studies and direct engagement with individuals experiencing gender dysphoria. We believe that science, evidence, and human and civil rights should guide us in the raising and nurturing of our gender expansive children, not urban myths, disinformation, fear and ignorance.

We stand in opposition to any and all anti-transgender legislation, campaign or action.

Jenn Burleton
Program Director, TransActive Gender Project

Scott Fletcher
Dean, Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling