March 16, 2021

TransActive Update: Moving Ahead in 2021

The first three months of 2021 have offered us both reason for optimism regarding Federal protections for the rights of transgender and gender expansive individuals, and reminders of the overt acts of anti-trans hate. It’s a warning that we must continue to prepare for the ripple effects of the previous administration’s policies and attitudes towards the gender diverse community. Our community.

TransActive Gender Project (TGP) remains committed to being on the frontlines of education, support and advocacy for our precious children, youth and their families, and will continue to work against the disinformation and misinformation around anti-trans policies and practices. We hope to expand this work nationwide—particularly in the education and medical and mental health fields—in the coming year. 

As always we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of our work. Thank you for your donations, your engagement, and your shared interest and advocacy. It takes a village!

National & Noteworthy: In the Headlines

While we welcome a new administration that has reversed a ban on transgender people serving in the military and moved towards reversing discrimination based on gender identity in the workplace (as well as in schools, housing, immigration) through Executive Order, we are also seeing an unprecedented, well coordinated and well-funded effort by a myriad of powerful groups moving state legislatures (23 at this writing) further away from trans affirming policies targeting specifically trans and gender diverse youth and children.

On March 2nd, the Alabama State Senate passed a new law making it a felony to consent to, or provide trans-affirming pediatric healthcare in that state. At least 22 other states across the U.S. are supporting anti-transgender legislation, with over 50 bills presented so far this year, including state-wide bans on trans athletes in school sports, limiting access to transition care by gender diverse youth, and seeking criminal charges against parents, caregivers and healthcare providers who support and affirm their child’s gender identity and affirmation surgeries.

Professional Development

TGP workshop brings together more than 70 mental and medical health providers 

TGP proudly co-hosted Understanding Healthcare Barriers for Transgender Youth in partnership alongside Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Transgender Health Program and Randall’s Children’s Hospital T-Clinic in February, bringing together 70+ service providers from over a dozen mental and medical health organizations across the state. One participant noted that the workshop and subsequent discussion “answered so many questions I have, and allowed me a map of this journey I take with my clients; validating and thought provoking.”

Program Director, Jenn Burleton, earns certificate focused on supporting LGBTQ youth in juvenile detention and child welfare services

Jenn Burleton received her certificate from Georgetown University Center for Juvenile Justice Reform in Supporting the Well-Being of System-Involved LGBTQ Youth this past February. Her capstone project will focus on supporting trans and gender diverse youth in juvenile detention facilities around Oregon.

Upcoming Online Training Opportunities

  • Uprising: Protecting Transgender Lives 
    Saturdays, May 15 and May 22, 2021, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. PST  |  6 CEUs or PDUs
    Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how both Constitutional rights and legislative laws protect transgender and gender nonconforming individuals from discriminatory and oppressive practices, and examine effective ways in which to advocate for trans, nonbinary and gender diverse children and youth using these protections when engaging with schools, communities, and those promoting anti-trans tactics and ideologies. Presented by TGP program director Jenn Burleton and guest speaker attorney Judah Largent, JD.
  • Transgender in America: Looking Back and Moving Forward
    Sunday, April 25, 2021, 1-4 p.m. PST.  |  Free and open to the public
    Cohosted by Master Recyclers of Color, this workshop will arm participants with a better understanding of the complex personal, social, political and medical challenges that affect the lives of transgender people. Participation counts as Master Recycler Hours. This workshop was funded by the City of Portland, Office of Community & Civic Life as part of the Constructing Civic Dialogues program.

Community Partnership

TransActive partners with Camas School District on a multi-year partnership to create more affirming and inclusive school communities 

Late last year, TGP entered a partnership with the Camas, WA School District to facilitate a sequence of training sessions and workshops for all staff, under the leadership of District Assistant Superintendent Charlene Williams, PhD (’15). The partnership includes collaboration on a review of current school policies and procedures with school leadership in the district, as well as multiple consultations with various administrators and teachers within each school.

We are honored to engage in this model of deeply collaborative and long-term partnership and engagement with Camas School District and foresee modeling future partnerships with PK-12 institutions based on this work. 

Virtual support groups for youth, adults and families

Groups are continuing to meet virtually over the Zoom platform, with hope in our hearts that in-person gatherings can resume at some point this summer. But, no worries! We will continue to offer virtual groups as an additional support option. Visit our webpage for more information about our support groups and to submit an application.

Please continue to connect with us and follow us on Facebook, join our mailing list, or consider volunteering with us or supporting us through donations.