Teacher Candidate Placement

The Partnership Coordinator is the liaison with school districts, principals, and teachers.  Maintaining great working relationships with our colleagues in local schools ensures you pair with a strong mentor

  1. We communicate with you using your LC email account.
    1. Please read and respond to all emails from our office within 24 hours of receipt.
  2. Each candidate submits an Application and Resume form formatted to organize your skills and experience for review by potential mentors and future employment with schools.
  3. Faculty and the partnership/placement coordinators review your materials and suggest potential mentors.
  4. The partnership/placement coordinator submits a request and resume to a potential mentor.
  5. A positive response from a mentor triggers an email to you with contact information.
  6. Contact the potential mentor within 24 hours of receiptto schedule a face-to-face meeting.
    1. Make your email professional, friendly, and brief.
    2. Notify the partnership/placement coordinator of your meeting date and time: lcpartnerships@lclark.edu.
  7. Meeting with your mentor: (Click here for interview tips)
    1. Suggestions to prepare:
      1. Dress professionally (business casual)
      2. Prepare questions in advance
      3. Bring note-taking materials
      4. Arrive 10 minutes early
    2. Send a follow-up thank you email to potential mentor.
    3. Email the partnership coordinator to summarize experience:  lcpartnerships@lclark.edu.
  8. The partnership coordinator will contact the mentor to confirm the placement.
  9. Once confirmed, the partnership coordinator will contact you.
  10. Contact your mentor within 24 hours to thank her/him and determine next steps.


  • If a match is not confirmed, the process will be repeated with a new potential mentor.
  • All placement inquiries MUST take place through the placement office and partnership coordinator. Districts have established processes for placement that we honor to maintain strong relationships. 
  • Placements will begin in late spring and summer with the goal of placing all candidates by late summer. Placement will continue into the fall as needed.