School Counselors

Mentoring doesn’t just benefit candidates, it benefits you!

Mentoring makes your practice public, increases your reflection, renews your beliefs about school counseling, promotes collaboration, deepens pedagogy, and increases your pride in the profession. This happens in four distinct ways:

1. You model high-quality professional practices.

Through leadership, advocacy, collaboration, use of data and counseling actions, and communicating with parents and colleagues, you demonstrate how caring, competent, and qualified school counselors operate.

2. You share your practice.

By “thinking out loud,” you reveal your processes for countless decisions made on a normal day.

3. You give honest and specific feedback.

As candidates engage as school counselors and build their professional toolkit, establishing and maintaining a shared mutual relationship provides the foundation for proactively resolving issues and refining practice.

4. You share your passion for students and their learning.

Demonstrating through your practice, you impart the belief that each student holds promise and deserves to be nurtured to find their own passion.

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