Why Partner With Us?

Our Partnership and Placement Office cultivates strong relationships with schools and districts to place graduate candidates with great mentors. We believe that the strength of our graduate elementary and secondary education, school counseling, and school psychology programs offer schools and districts uniquely prepared candidates and school partner support in four distinct ways.

Our candidates are well prepared.

Value: social justice equity
Impact: creating democratic community with diverse populations

Value: extensive discipline-specific pedagogy preparation
Impact: creating and implementing content-rich pedagogy

Our school partners are well supported.

Value: For Teacher Education/School Psychology: year-long placement; for School Counseling: semester placements followed by yearlong focused placement
providing stability and consistency for students and schools

Value: Lewis & Clark field support
Impact: collaborating among multiple partners for candidate success

Our Partnership and Placement coordinators, in conjunction with program faculty, act as liaisons with schools and districts to ensure that Lewis & Clark candidates are matched well with great mentors.

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“Learning to teach is a bigger job than universities, schools, experience, or
personal disposition alone can accomplish.”
                                             —-Sharon Feiman-Nemser