Trainings for Workforce Development

Gender diversity trainings for human resources, supervisors, staff and administrators

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Gender Diversity in the
Workplace: Fostering Productivity Through Equity

This training, of value to administrators, supervisors, and staff, explores the ways in which inclusive and affirming workplaces are known to be both more productive and encouraging of employee and leadership achievement. We will cover laws and statutes related to transgender and gender diverse equity and inclusion, and evidence-based information about natural human gender diversity and guidance on policy development and implementation.

Gender Diversity: From Policy to Practice
The focus of this workshop is to provide specific tools and guidance to help organizational leadership and working groups effectively implement new and existing diversity, equity and inclusion policies with a specific focus on gender identity, expression and sexual orientation. This includes communication of DEI policy to stakeholders such as employees, partner organizations, customers, communities and the general public.


It Takes a Village:
Our Diverse Identities

This workshop will cover the historical establishment of restrictive gender roles and stereotypes, natural development of gender identity and gender expression and the impact our history has on cultural attitudes regarding gender identity and sexual/romantic attraction in children, adolescents, teens and adults.

Truth Decay: Discrimination & Disinformation
The expansion of access to information through the internet, and the rise of almost unlimited sources of news and opinion, have given rise to the unprecedented spread of disinformation and misrepresentation about marginalized and oppressed populations. This rhetoric negatively impacts those of all ages, identities and social locations. This workshop will examine both historical contexts for this decay of evidence and fact-based journalism and commentary, and expose specific language and strategies being used to intensify bias and discrimination.