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Gender diversity trainings for human resources, supervisors, staff, and administrators

As the diversity of today’s workforce continues to expand, so does the need to continue creating more inclusive and affirming workplaces.

TransActive Gender Project’s workforce development training and consultation services are focused on helping businesses and organizations effectively navigate the complex multicultural and intersectional aspects of doing business todayincluding policy development and implementation, legal compliance, and more.

Trainings Offered:

Gender Diversity: The Basics of Human Identity

Though the natural diversity of humanity is often visible to us through our family connections, friendships, social interaction and coworkers, not all forms of diversity are visible. This introductory workshop will help employees better understand the basics of human biology, and the stages of gender identity awareness. We will also discuss the experience of gender expansive identity within large population groups. 

Gender Diversity: Working Through Our Differences

Today’s workplace is more dynamic than ever, due in large part to the growing inclusion of more diverse voices and the ideas they bring. This interactive workshop will center on how to improve engagement and employee experiences by examining success models. We will cover laws and statutes related to transgender and gender diverse equity and inclusion, and evidence-based information about natural human gender diversity and guidance on policy development and implementation. Attendees will also explore ways in which unconscious bias may influence workplace interactions; terminology impacting both gender and sexuality-diverse populations, and moving beyond ‘compliance’ to affirming equity and inclusion.

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