Trainings for Youth Serving Organizations

Workshops developed for those who work with and serve gender expansive and transgender youth

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Early Childhood Development and Gender Diversity
This workshop focuses on the developmental stages of gender diverse expression and identity in early childhood. Content will address cultural, societal and familial factors that impact gender diversity in Pre-K children. We will expose the myths and disinformation being distributed about early childhood gender diversity and affirmation of that diversity, and provide guidance and teaching tools for caregivers working with these children.

Gender Diversity in PK-12 Settings
Transgender students exist in every school district, county, city and town in the United States. Participants will learn the basic components of gender diversity, demonstrating inclusive language, how to address bullying, ways to analyze curriculum, and more.

Removing the Mystery (Gender Diversity 101)
Designed to assist in a better understanding of gender identity development, cultural gender myths and stereotypes and their impact on gender diverse and transgender children. Intended as a broad overview and introduction suitable for all adults who are new to this topic.

Trans Adolescents/Teens: Early Treatment and Barriers to Care
This workshop explores the emergent areas of early medical intervention in transgender youth healthcare, depathologization of gender diversity and the challenges that youth and their families face when seeking access to treatment and insurance coverage.

Uprising: Disinformation & Legislation Targeting Trans Kids
Attendees will explore the ways in which socio-political and ideological attitudes regarding gender diverse and transgender people has evolved in the 20th and 21st centuries—from that of disbelief and indifference, to psycho-medical curiosity and eventually, intersectional intolerance, discrimination, oppression, condemnation and political opportunism.

Title IX and VII: Protecting Transgender Student and Employee Rights
This training will help teachers, staff and administrators better understand their obligations under federal, state and local laws and provide them with tools and techniques to help their communities embrace the full inclusion of transgender students and employees in school life.

Trans Children and Youth: It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child
Serving the holistic needs of trans and gender diverse children, youth and their families can require collaboration between healthcare providers, educators and social services professionals. By working together with our partners in these fields, TransActive Gender Center has been successful in minimizing or preempting gender identity and gender expression-related trauma experienced by kids and their families. ​

Transgender in America: Looking Back and Moving Forward
This full-day workshop provides participants with a better understanding of the complex personal, social, political, medical and historical challenges affecting the lives of transgender people.