Amy Rees

Associate Professor

Rogers Hall 333, MSC: 86

Amy M. Rees is an associate professor of counseling psychology in the Professional Mental Health Counseling Program.  Her research and teaching interests include LGBTQ issues, multicultural feminist therapies, and counselor supervision.


  • Doyle, C., Rees, A.M., Titus, T.M. (2015). Perceptions of Same-Sex Relationships and Marriage as Gender Role Violations: An examination of gendered expectations (sexism). Journal of Homosexuality, 62 (11), 1576-98.
  • Rees-Turyn, A.M, Doyle, C., Holland, A. & Root, S. (2008).  Sexism and sexual prejudice (homophobia):  The impact of the gender belief system and inversion theory on sexual orientation research and attitudes toward sexual minorities. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 2 (1), 2-25.
  • Rees-Turyn, A.M. (2007).  Coming out and being out as activism: Challenges and opportunities for mental health professionals in red & blue states.  Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy,11 (3-4) , 155-172.
  • Rees, A. M., Luzzo, D, Gridley, B., & Doyle. C  (2007). Relational personality theory and Holland typology among women: an exploratory investigation.  Career Development Quarterly. 55 (3), 194-205.
  • Wisdom, J.P., Rees A.M., Riley, K.J. & Weis, T.R. (2007). Adolescent perceptions of the gendered context of depression: “Tough” boys and objectified girls. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 29 (2), 144-162.
  • Padulo, M. & Rees, A.M. (2005).  Motivating women with disordered eating towards empowerment and change using narratives of archetypal metaphor. Women & Therapy, 29 (1/2).

Academic Credentials

PhD 1998, MA 1995 Ball State University, BS 1993 Purdue University

Location: Rogers Hall