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Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology

Learn to foster effective helping relationships and to create a wide range of interventions suitable for individuals, families, groups, and communities. Our programs are defined by small class sizes, an emphasis on making every voice heard, and a reputation for establishing deep connections. Read our full mission and objectives here.

We provide future counselors, therapists, and school psychologists with innovative programs of study that offer the knowledge and skills critical to the practice of:

We also offer specialty focus areas or certificates in eating disorders and ecopsychology.

Through the Lewis & Clark Community Counseling Center, we offer direct service to the community and intensive training, supervision, and education to counselor and therapist trainees from all programs.

For Current Students and Alumni

  • Resources for current students include forms, handbooks, syllabi, and other important information.
  • Through our Career and Professional Resources and alumni webpages, you can find information on the support we offer our students and graduates as they enter their chosen professions.